Product Rave: Urban Decay Theodora palette


So I’m going to talk about the limited edition Urban Decay Theodora palette, which was a collaboration with Disney‘s Oz The Great and Powerful film. The palette was released earlier this year, but there are still some Sephora shops in Singapore that sell it (or you can ask the sales person if they have any left in stock). I wasn’t going to review this because I thought that Urban Decay had stopped selling it, but apparently not. The Theodora palette used to cost USD 49, but Urban Decay is currently having an insane clearance sale now, and the palette is now going for USD 24. Which is absolutely ridiculous. If you live in the US and haven’t bought this I don’t know what to say to you. Just buy it. In fact, that’s why I’m writing this review; to extol the awesomeness of it.

I bought this at SGD 80 earlier this year in Singapore, the same price as the Urban Decay Naked palettes sold here. The Theodora palette comes with six full sized eyeshadows in a Build Your Own Palette palette, and the eyeshadows are easily depotted and shifted around. (Technically, there are eight eyeshadow colours because there are two duo shades here). It also comes with a travel-sized eyeliner, Urban Decay Zero, and a full sized lip pencil, Theodora. It’s supposed to be a limited edition colour for this palette, but is actually a dupe for F-Bomb.

The palette is a sturdy thing, while being not too heavy, and is a joy to bring around when I travel.




It’s not that large a palette.


From left to right, the shades are:

Broken – described as pale cream satin, this is definitely that. I like to use Broken as either an all-over lid colour, or a subtle highlight on the browbone.
Beware – described as warm brown matte. It’s a matte caramel brown (love it’s slight golden tones). I have a special fondness for this colour, especially as an all-over lid colour. It’s great for creating depth without too much drama because of its matte finish. And no, it is not overly dry or powdery the way most mattes are.
Bewitched – described as dark charcoal brown satin. I think of this as a dark grey brown with cooler leanings. I love using it to fill in eyebrows; it’s not a colour that’s too harsh so the eyebrows never end up looking too stark.
West – is described as deep metallic brown shimmer. I am not seeing much shimmer, it’s more of a warm red brown satin. I realised that it doesn’t look very different from Bewitched in the swatches below, but trust me it does.
Spell – Black satin with green and gold shimmer/Gold metallic with tonal glitter. Much of the shimmer does drop out for the black half, so it usually just ends up looking like a black with very subtle shimmer. I love the gold portion – it’s a warm shade of gold with some greenish qualities. I press it on the lid firmly, with a base underneath to ensure minimal fall out, but I usually do find some fall out after application.
Jealous – Pale green pearl/Dark green pearl

Although the darkness of the majority of the shades may seem overwhelming at first, and make the palette less versatile, it isn’t, really. I like using Beware all over the lid, and brightening it up in the inner corner of the eye with the gold half of Spell.

Theodora Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color – is described as bright red cream. It comes off as a glossy blue red on my lips, and then the glossiness fades, leaving behind a more muted red. It feels slightly tacky on the lips. It’s not one of my most long-wearing reds; I usually have to touch up after four hours or so.

Zero 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil – is described as ‘Black’. It’s a matte black. It’s not one of the darkest or most intense blacks there (I still have my eyes on Perversion!) but works. Doesn’t budge once it’s set, and doesn’t travel.

Apart from Spell, all of the eyeshadows are rich and buttery. And all of them have excellent pigmentation and longevity.


IMG_5866 IMG_5868

And close ups! See how beautiful the colours are? Amazingly pigmented too!

UD Theodora


Swatched Urban Decay Zero and Theodora.

Cost: SGD 80, USD 40 (but it is now going for USD 24 so what are you waiting for)
Does it work: All the products are amazingly pigmented, and last long. There’s a nice range of shades here, so you can create a variety of looks. The packaging’s nice and sturdy too.
Would I recommend it: Yes, yes, yes. Especially at the ridiculous US prices they’re going for now. Even at SGD 80 I would say yes, these are amazing products, it’s great value for money (seeing how one UD eyeshadow is  SGD 30+)  and I use this palette all the time.

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