Halloween makeovers

So I was asked to help a couple of people for Halloween. And there’s an event happening today, like a night run in a park with a bunch of people who’ll scare the crap out of you as you run. (Good exercise and incentive to run faster I guess.)


My first zombie! And what a pretty one she is. =) I definitely wouldn’t want to run into her in the middle of the night though.

IMG_5884 IMG_5887

My friends were dressed up as a puppet and her puppet master. Goodness knows why the puppet needs chains and a spiek through her chest. It was scary all the same.


Like I said, scary.


Three mad scientists. Or their creations.


Three witches here.


Creepy little ghost boy, a vampire and a ghost thing (who is not intimidating at all since she isn’t in her costume.)


Pretty witch. I gave her a smoky eye and red lips.

IMG_5898 IMG_5899

My own makeup for Halloween, which I pulled together in ten minutes before going down for the themed dinner in my hostel. People said that it wasn’t a costume at all, because this is how I usually look on a daily basis. =( Which is not fair, I don’t usually go with dark smoky eyes like this. And I never contour that harshly!

A few things I learnt about scary makeup, which I’ve not done very much before:

1) Contouring always helps.
2) OCC Lip Tar in Tarred is great for making watery eye bag things. The texture’s really really watery for a lip tar, so it looks more like stains than eyeshadow.
3) Smeared lipstick. Brilliant for scaring the hell out of anybody. I mostly used OCC Tarred and Black Dahlia.

Any other things you would like to add? =)

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