Green and gold neutrals

So the dress I planned to wear today is this monochromatic grey peacock feather print dress. It’s very very pretty but there’s not very much colour and I wanted to do makeup to match that.


From a distance it looks like all I have is a standard neutral eye.


Look a little closer, and you’ll see that it’s not the case. I used a dirty gold, olives and khakis to get this.

So here’s a way to add subtle hints of colour to your eye makeup. I knew I wanted to use my long-forgotten green eyeshadows, but I didn’t want anything too colourful. This seemed like a happy compromise.


Makeup used.

1) I used Maybelline 24 Hour Paint Pot in Bold Gold (dirty metallic gold) as a base, applied on the lid
2) I then took the shimmery greyish khaki colour from the eye quad you see in the photo and patted that on top of the base
3) I then used the khaki green eyeshadow from the duo palette on the outer V of the eye
4) I then took the lightest eyeshadow from the quad (off white shimmer) and applied it on the inner third of the eye
5) I lined my eyes with a black pencil
6) Applied Benefit They’re Real! mascara

1) I used the Catrice concealer on my dark circles. I first applied the salmon colour and patted the lightest beige shade on top
2) I mixed Benefit High Beam (liquid illuminator) with my Maybelline BB Watergel and applied that on the face
3) I then dusted my Painted Earth pressed powder compact on
4) I used MAC Warm Soul (rosy beige with bronze undertones and gold pearl) on the apples of my cheeks
4) I then dusted translucent finishing powder on the face to set the makeup.

I applied Urban Decay Glinda on my lips. It’s a lovely warm rosy nude.

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5 Responses to Green and gold neutrals

  1. Amria says:

    Even if there’s not so much bright colour on the dress, you can wear it in your makeup 😀 I love that you make time for in in your busy bee life, good luck with studying!

    • natziwang says:

      Thanks. ❤ Hope everything's been going okay on your side too.

      And that's why I love makeup so much! It can make your outfit look completely different too, so I never need to care about being seen in something too many times.

  2. Erika says:

    I love love LOVE Benefit’s They’re Real! mascara. I’ve read a lot of bad reviews about it, though, but I really don’t understand where they are all coming from—no other mascara adds that much much length and volume to my eyelashes (the MAC Prep + Prime Lash may be helping, but still)..!

  3. The eye shadows you used look like they’d go well with your peacock feather print dress! 🙂

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