Product Rave: Benefit Coralista


Do note that my Coralista blush is the smaller sized one that comes with the Tropicoral kit.

Coralista is described as a ‘warm coral-pink‘. It is that, along with a beautiful gold shimmer.

The full sized Coralista blush is SGD 48 and comes with 0.28oz/8g of product. I purchased my Tropicoral kit at SGD 45 and it comes with 0.1oz/3g of product, along with a variety of other products (click here for a look at the other products). Bear in mind that 8g is a lot of product, and most you wouldn’t finish it if you used it every day for a year. (MAC mineralize blushes are 3.5g. Despite how much I’ve used MAC Warm Soul – on me, on just about everyone I apply makeup for – I still haven’t hit the pan.)


What drew me to Coralista when I swatched it in Sephora is that beautiful subtle golden sheen that comes with it; this sheen I think is what differentiates it from other coral blushes on the market. It’s definitely not overly frosty, and just gives a warm radiance.

What does frustrate me about Coralista is its lack of pigment. You see how it hardly shows up on my paler-than-avarage arm? It would be a highlighter on medium complexions, and I imagine it would hardly show up on darker ones.

Coralista is certainly value for money – that’s a lot of product there. But like I said, you’re not likely to finish the product, and you’d be wasting a lot of time buffing it into your skin trying to get it to show up.

NARS Orgasm is not quite a dupe, it’s a bit more pink than coral. Pricewise, it is SGD 50, and contains 4.5 gram of product. It will give you that same beautiful golden shimmer. I would be more likely to buy Orgasm than a full-sized Coralista though (assuming that I didn’t already own the product) because of the incredible pigmentation Orgasm has. You end up using less product on your cheeks in the long run because you don’t have to keep layering it over and over.

  In the photos below, I’ve buffed it thoroughly into my cheeks with a Kabuki brush. I went over my skin three times in order to get the colour you see below – and it’s more like a subtle pink flush than anything else. It’s definitely a blush that will be very difficult to overapply.

IMG_5992IMG_6011IMG_5997 IMG_6012

Coralista also has a strong sweet fruity scent. It fades once you apply it on your cheeks, but some people might be uncomfortable with the smell.

I wore Coralista for about five hours. When I was wiping off my makeup, the most of it was gone, but to be fair, it was a really hot day. (Woes of testing makeup in a tropical environment.)

Cost: Full sized blush (8g) is SGD 48 at Sephora
Does it work: Coralista is a warm coral with pink undertones with a gold sheen. It requires some buffing into the skin to get the colour to show but when it does, it is absolutely lovely.
Would I recommend it: Not unless you have paler skin tones, otherwise the blush wouldn’t show up on you at all except as a very subtle highlight. And there are plenty of other cheaper highlighters out there. If you do have lighter skin and are looking for an easy everyday blush, Coralista is for you.

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