My Makeup Collection

I’m doing this post because a friend of mine was asking me about the amount of makeup I own. I decided that since a picture tells a thousand words, I’ll just upload the photos.

So here is my wondrous sinful collection for you to see. Do let me know if there’s a specific product that catches your eye and you’d like me to review it!


So this was my collection about this time last year. Quite a bit of stuff. A fair number of lip products, mostly MAC items. Couple of things from Bobbi Brown, my treasured Guerlain compact, a Maybelline mascara, and three cheapo palettes. Everything, apart from the brushes, could fit into a drawer.


This is my brush collection now. It hasn’t grown all that much in the last year actually, I’ve only gotten two Kabuki brushes (one of which I had gotten for free) and the Urban Decay Dual ended brush I’d gotten with my Naked 2 palette.


My various palettes. I now own Urban Decay, Benefit and Painted Earth stuff.


The drugstore lipsticks I bought in the US – Maybelline and Revlon because they’re significantly cheaper there – and the various lip tars I own.


And more lip products. Good deal of MAC and Bobbi Brown here.

The stuff you see on the bottom are the staples I have in my makeup pouch. Lip balm, compact mirror, pressed powders, etc.


Um. Yeah. My gel eyeliners, mascaras, Maybelline 24 Hour Tattoos (all bought from the US because it’s cheaper there), my various blushes, highlighter, foundations (liquids, powder, BB cream), concealer, other assorted eyeshadows, eye primers and eyebrow pencils, and eyeliners.

Things I have picked up over the last year:

1) Buy the good stuff. No, really. Although every once in a while a drugstore company will come up with a good palette, there are some brands that are just significantly better than others and you will eventually reach out for those things other than anything else. I tend to use my Urban Decay eyeshadows a lot more than the Coast Scents ones. I definitely prefer the texture of my MAC lipsticks than the ones from Maybelline.

2) That being said, don’t buy stuff just because you assume the brand is good. As much as I love UD and MAC, they do have some dud products there so do read up on reviews (there are plenty of them online) before buying anything.

3) Get a good Kabuki brush. It should be soft and full, and the bristles should not splay. It will change your life.

4) A lip brush is another must, especially if you have thin lips.

5) If you don’t know what to do with that liquid foundation you had previously purchased for theatre, apply it with a damp foundation brush so it goes on more sheer. Don’t let that stuff go to waste.

6) Korres Lip Butters are magical and do amazing things.

7) Petroleum jelly is also similarly magical and can be used for everything. for more info.

What’s your makeup collection like? How do you store them? Share in the comments!

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6 Responses to My Makeup Collection

  1. rubyangel711 says:

    That’s quite a prized collection you got there! I store my makeup in MUJI acrylic drawer units—just started using these units this year…they’ve changed my life for the better!

    • natziwang says:

      I stay in my hostel half the year, and move back home for the other half, so I figure it’s best to store everything in a makeup case. I don’t have the space to store everything properly. =/ I would love to have a proper vanity table one day though.

  2. Erika says:

    I’m quite curious about Korres lip butter. I’ve seen so many people mentioning it on comments and all but I’ve never actually looked into a review. Care to make one? 😛

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