My new babies


So a bunch of friends decided to do this bulk order with Ecotools together to save the shipping costs. I placed an order with them for two face brushes (I think I have enough eye brushes, shockingly, but I’m not quite satisfied with my collection of face brushes yet.)


So I purchased two brushes: the tapered blush and the deluxe fan.


They are incredibly soft and full and fluffy. They are gorgeous. And they’re only USD6.99 each.

I’ve always wanted a fan brush for my more pigmented blushes (MAC Gleeful, I’m looking at you) and for highlighters. And I’ve been eyeing a tapered blush brush since I’ve used Bobbi Brown’s famous blush brush. The shape and fullness of it really does make it easier to get a natural diffused kind of flush all over the apples of the cheeks. I cannot wait to start using these two beautiful things.


And this now means I can get rid of this other brush that I’ve been meaning to. It’s a pony hair brush my mom handed to me when I first got into makeup.
IMG_6181 IMG_6183

It’s also been one of the most awful brushes that I’ve ever had the misfortune to use. It’s scratchy (and has not responded to my attempts to moisturize it), and it sheds all over my skin whenever I attempt to sue it. I’ve thrown it away because I cannot in good conscience, give this to anyone.

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  1. I like your babies 😉 ❤

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