I <3 my body campaign



Mya has started the I ❤ My Body Campaign, and I’m here to spread the word.


  • Repost the I<3my body campaign photo and tell a story about a time you felt insecure about the way you look, the way you dress or even the way you speak.
  • Add a link to the blog who had tagged you (click here to get to Mya’s blog!)
  • answer the questions below

Answer the following questions:

  1. Whats your favorite feature about yourself?
    It’s either my eyes or my skin. I can’t choose!
  2. Why do you like this trait of yours?
    My eyes because I just think they’re pretty, and I rely on my vision a lot. And I take good care of my skin (siblings had really bad eczema so I just got into the habit of applying cream on it daily from a young age watching them) and I like the result.
  3. If you could tell your future daughter one thing, what would it be?
    This is a tough one because I don’t intend to have children. But I guess I would say to just be happy.

It’s taken my a really long time to be comfortable with my body, but even then I’m starting to realise this is an ongoing process I’ll probably face all my life. When I hit puberty, I started to put on a lot of weight. I was never fat, but I was definitely chubby. When I started getting comfortable with my size, and my height (I still wish I was just five centimeters taller) I started losing weight, really rapidly. I’m still at a healthy weight, and I definitely still look healthy, but it happened really quickly, and made me feel like I didn’t have any kind of control over my body. I think I’ve dropped two sizes over the years, and that I can seem my collar bones so easily still scares me a little. And at the same time, I know I need to exercise if only to feel better about my body.

Now say it 5 times to yourself “I love myself” “I love myself” “I love myself” “I love myself” “I love myself”
Now, Tag 5-10 people with this post and advise them to do the same (let them know you tagged them). By singling out one feature even just one that you like about yourself- you have just created a glimpse of happiness in your heart that makes you a tiny bit more confident. Even if you don’t see it it shines through you in ways you could never imagine. Everyone is beautiful and everyone deserves to shine.

I’m not going to tag anyone, but do do this if you want to. =)

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3 Responses to I <3 my body campaign

  1. Beautiful, and such a great idea for a post!

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