Beautiful things from Dolls Kill have arrived

A few days ago, I discovered the site Dolls Kill. They have the most amazing clothing (with amazing prices) but were having a sale on their black pieces for before Black Friday. They claimed that the discounts would be even higher than the ones that would be for Black Friday.

I have fallen in love with the site.

I have fallen in love with the absolute creativity and character of the various pieces they have. They’re well-constructed and beautifully designed, you can see just how ever piece is something special.

So even though the items I bought weren’t black, they had black counterparts, and the ridiculous discounts still applied to them. (I’m still not sure how it works out.) I placed my order on Wednesday, and my package arrived today. (It was shipped from San Francisco, DHL express is magic like that.)

So introducing the Keeper’s Dress (in purple paisley) and the Industrial Mesh Lace Hooded Vest (in olive). Just look at those fabrics and the details. It cost a lot yeah, but these are quality clothes, which are increasingly difficult to find with all the cheap fashions today.



I’m going to have to tailor the dress because it’s just slightly too large, but I cannot wait to wear it. ❤

What do you guys think?


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3 Responses to Beautiful things from Dolls Kill have arrived

  1. Love the purple paisley dress! 🙂

  2. Amria says:

    Can’t wait to see you in the purple one 😀 I’m checking them out anywayz

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