Thanksgiving Haul Part 2


Terrible photo of my makeup – I didn’t have time for closeups before I left my room today. I used my Laura Mercier Artist’s Palette for Eyes, Urban Decay Perversion 24/7 Glide Eyeliner and Sephora Infinite Rose Cream Lip Stain (and the latter two products are amazing by the way, I’ll be writing up a review on them soon. The lip colour lasted me for six hours, through a greasy breakfast and only came off with lunch while the eyeliner stayed on without thinning or smudging). 

I did not go out meaning to buy anything I swear. It was just supposed to be a trip to the movies (Catching Fire is absolutely awesome and you should most definitely watch it), and the boyfriend wanted to shop for shirts. It didn’t matter than Sephora was having a 20% sale because there wasn’t anything I particularly wanted, and I was not looking for a new pair of shoes.

Somehow I ended up with Benefit Rockateur  (the boyfriend bought it because he got tired of me stopping in two different Sephoras to swatch and sigh over it) and a new pair of wedges to replace my old black pair, which is currently falling apart. The shoes are from Mitju, a Singaporean company.

IMG_6403 IMG_6406 IMG_6407

IMG_6409 IMG_6411

Oh, also I bought a cape from Young Hungry Free and it is awesome. I paired it with a blue baby doll dress (also from Young Hungry Free) and nude wedges. I spent the day channeling my inner Snow White. Unfortunately, I was not able to get hold of a nice photo of the entire outfit – I’m still really self-conscious when it comes to taking photos anywhere except in the privacy of my bedroom. But you can kinda get an idea for the outfit. I rarely ever wear soft colours and shapes like these, and it felt like a nice change.


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7 Responses to Thanksgiving Haul Part 2

  1. nhieubeauty says:

    What a sweet bf you have. I also liked catching fire! Waiting for the next one haha

  2. rubyangel711 says:

    Rockateur looks amazing! Love the hair, by the way:)))

  3. Erika says:

    I get how you feel regarding taking OOTD photos in public! I cannot fathom how fashion bloggers do it. 😂

    • natziwang says:

      For some reason, I think it looks better to the public if you’ve got someone with a proper DSLR camera with you, rather than trying to get a shot with an iPhone. Do the latter and you’re just vain, the former and you’re cool.

      • Erika says:

        LOL. I use a bridge camera that looks like a DSLR to an untrained eye (like me—I’d have thought it was a DSLR before I researched on it) but I’m still too shy to pose in public.. 😦 😆

  4. Amria says:

    Can’t get over how cute you are with short hair ^_^

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