Product Rave: Sephora Infinite Rose Lip Cream


This is the second time I’m reviewing a shade from the Sephora Cream Lip Stain line – the other product I reviewed was Aways Red, which is now my HG red. It is wonderfully pigmented, it lasted forever and is not horrendously expensive.

Infinite Rose is USD13 and SGD22 at Singapore Sephoras. Infinite Rose is described as ‘satin golden peach’. ‘A lip stain that provides beautiful, long-lasting color. This high-coverage lip product features avocado oil for a texture that transforms as you wear it: when applied, the initial cream texture becomes a silky, lightweight stain. Lips achieve stunning color and feel soft and comfortable.’

‘satin golden peach’ is right at some angles in the light, but it has strong rosy undertones with subtle gold frost in it. It’s not a satin finish but a frost one, though the gold sparkle goes nowhere near the levels of OCC Electric Grandma. Once dried down (and it dries down fast, so I’d suggest applying with a lip brush if you have thinner lips) its texture will emphasize dry lines, so I’d suggest applying lip balm about five minutes before applying this.

The pigmentation and longevity of Cream Lip Stains are what makes the line so incredible. The colour is completely opaque on my pigmented lips. Nudes usually don’t last for more than three or four hours on me; after six hours (and a greasy breakfast) the colour was still going strong. It only came off after I eat lunch, which usually consists of some kind of soup for me, so the colour would stain the soup spoon. But yeah, it was ridiculously long-wearing.

The only complaint I have for this is the ridiculously strong vanilla smell. It’s nothing like the vanilla scent with MAC lipsticks, it’s a lot stronger. However, I don’t really notice it after it’s dried down.

This is a really pretty nude for those who want some subtle drama to their lips, rather than just a plain old MLBB. I fell in love with the golden sparkle in the swatch at Sephora, and knew it would be beautiful.

IMG_6226 IMG_6458

Photo on the left are swatches that I took in Sephora a couple of weeks back. From top to bottom is Everlasting Burgundy, Strawberry Kissed and Infinite Rose. I fell in love with Infinite Rose from that swatch.

The photo on the right is a swatch of Infinite Rose in my bedroom. Lighting isn’t great now so it looks a little darker than it should – the swatch on the left is a better idea of the colour, the swatch on the right shows the texture.


It somehow came out a lot ruddier than it should in the closeup – but you can see the sparkle of the texture here!


Here’s a better idea of the lip colour. I had applied a red tinted lip balm before so it comes off a little redder than it would on less pigmented lips. It looks great when paired with a purple smoky eye.


This photo was taken after I had a greasy breakfast. The colour had stayed put. It looks slightly lighter because of the lighting, but yeah, the lip stain was still pretty much there, sparkles and all.

Cost: SGD22 and USD13
Does it work: Opaque colour, long-wearing. Just be careful to apply lip balm before you apply this so it doesn’t settle in lip lines, and do note it has a really strong vanilla smell.
Would I recommend it: Yes, yes yes. It’s a lovely colour, it’s affordable, pigmented, and long-wearing. What’s not to like? Also check out the entire line while you’re at it!

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11 Responses to Product Rave: Sephora Infinite Rose Lip Cream

  1. Amria says:

    I love these pretty natural colours for lips. Vanilla smell you say? Strong you say? I believe we have a winner!

  2. rubyangel711 says:

    You had me at ‘long-wearing’. Plus the color is gorgeous!!! I need this in my life. Thanks for the post!😉

  3. mintymilky says:

    Really nice colour 🙂 I like how it suits your eye makeup.

  4. Im not the biggest lipstick / gloss fan because Im always searching for a perfect nude, and can never be bothered to keep applying! My bf loves the smell of Vanilla, shame we dont have a Sephora 😦
    Great post!
    Steph x

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