Snow White


I’ve been watching the series Once Upon a Time a lot. (Go watch it I’m not a fan of these TV series’ because I can never be bothered to keep up with it. The costumes in the show are worth watching for alone, and the story and acting is fantastic.)


Snow White is played by Ginnifer Goodwin (no I’m not spelling that wrong). She always looks so soft and sweet. I mean, she just looks like Snow White. They never give her red lips, her eyes are always left bare (they add falsies though) and her lips always have the softest pink flush to them. I am always staring at her beauty when she comes on the screen.

My makeup isn’t really much like hers, but I thought my dressing today was; loose shapes with soft materials and colours. I guess my makeup is a more literal intake of Snow White’s makeup, with understated red lips. 

IMG_6473 IMG_6475

I used the eyeshadows from my Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette, Foxy and Chopper.

Makeup used:

1) I used Maybelline Bad to the Bronze 24 Hour Tattoo
(metallic bronze), patted on the eyelids with a finger for a wash of colour
2) I used Urban Decay Chopper (orangey brown with strong orange shimmer) patted on top for more dimension, and to lighten the base of the colour
3) I used Urban Decay Foxy (matte pale yellow beige) in the inner third of the eye to more dimension
4) I then lined my eyes with Bobbi Brown Twilight Night Shimmer Ink (grey brown gel liner with gold sparkle) for a subtler effect than an all-out black liner
5) Applied my Painted Earth SuperLash Mascara, which is the one I turn to when I don’t want as much drama but a subtler length and curl

1) Applied my Maybelline BB Watergel for sheer coverage on my face (my skin isn’t at its greatest right now, and I want to let it breathe)
2) I powdered my face with MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder. I find that this helps when you want to apply powder blushes on top of a liquid foundation
3) I then used NARS Oasis (plum blush with gold sheen) on the apples of my cheeks (this is pigmented like woah, I accidentally overloaded my blush brush with the product because I’ve gotten so used to the sheerness of my mineral blushes)
4) I then used Benefit Rockateur to contour my cheeks
5) I set my face with more MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder

1) I used this old nude lipliner on my lips
2) Then I slicked on MAC Viva Glam I lipglass (deep red-brown gloss, with minimal sheen)

Item(s) used that were on the Forgotten Products list:
Maybelline Bad to the Bronze 24 Hour Tattoo

IMG_6480 IMG_6481

I really really love Viva Glam I lipglass, which is crazy because I got tired of the tackiness of MAC lipglasses quite a while back. It is incredibly pigmented and is of course an absolutely beautiful colour and doesn’t have that high-gloss shine I dislike, it’s not as terribly tacky as I remembered it to be and the colour survived a greasy lunch of BBQ meat. (And this is after a good three hours of wear.) I have never tried a lipgloss that lasted so long on me.

Today, I’m wearing a soft chiffon and knit crop sweater with a high-waisted black skirt and black flats. And I have my cape on hand, of course. (And yes, this is what I wear to to my exams. Dressing up is what gets me up in the morning. Also it is a rainy day so a cape is not entirely out of place. Really.)

Edited 3 Edited

Cape from All Would Envy
Knitted Top from
Skirt from
Flats were from my mom, not sure where they’re from


What do you think of this Snow White inspired look?

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4 Responses to Snow White

  1. pearlessence says:

    I like the look, complete with cape!

  2. Amria says:

    Well this is odd, because if I would have associated you with a Disney princess, it would had been Snow White haha 😀 You are perfect for that role

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