December updates


I haven’t updated very much throughout this month. After I moved out of my hostel back home my laptop, for some reason, hasn’t really been able to connect to the new router my parents just got. Thank god for smartphones, so I’ve still been able to check my emails and Facebook regularly, but the WordPress app is just not very photo friendly.

Anyways, so a lot has happened in this month. Two debate tournaments, learnt a lot from both, read a lot, threw out a lot of unnecessary junk from my table, got some new clothes (including a red pleather jacket that is my new love), changed my makeup style a little to something that is cleaner (and also harder to capture on camera), experimented a lot with my clothes and I’m single again.

I still don’t own Naked 3 though. =/

So below I’ve uploaded basically my looks in December.

Look 1: Tauriel inspired (I’m assuming everyone’s watched The Desolation of Smaug by now)


Image from here. Click the photo to get a larger image – you can see her makeup, sort of, if you squint very hard. It’s basically a neutral eye, but with pinks and purples rather than browns. (Naked 3 would be perfect to recreate this look.)

I used my Laurier Mercier Artist’s Palette for Eyes to recreate the look, though I can’t remember what eyeshadows I used now. I just remember going for softly glowing skin (MAC Soft & Gentle to highlight the cheeks) and very subtle eyeshadows. I used Urban Decay Glinda SuperSaturated Lip Gloss Pencil on the lips (in retrospect, I should have used something slightly rosier).

IMG_6661 IMG_6672 IMG_6675

Look 2 – Bohemian 

I paired this feather T-shirt from So Frocking Good with loose billowy green chiffon pants from, and the black hat. I used MAC Viva Glam I on the lips (my new favourite lipstick – look out for my future review on that)





(Of course, must insert some hipster-looking Instagram filter for this look)

Look 3: Steampunk Princess

Basically, I was going for something punkish, and ethereal at the same time. For that, I paired my Lip Service Industrial Mesh Lace Hooded Vest with the Dawn White and Silver Lace Top from So Frocking Good, jeans and my new Oxford booties for this look. I used brown eyeliner to keep it edgy, and OCC Lydia – a pink purple colour – to stop it from looking too hardcore.


IMG_6758 IMG_6762 IMG_6767


Look 4 – Hipsterness? 

I used brown smokey eyes for this one, paired it with a lip stain and lip gloss slicked on top.

IMG_6785 IMG_6794 IMG_6805


Look 5: 6.45am

Because I went to pick up some friends at the airport and woke at this unearthly hour.

I was wearing a cropped lace top from So Frocking Good, and these are the green pants I was referring to in Look 2’s Bohemian look.


1424506_10151732873236594_1231619589_n  IMG_6552

IMG_6562 IMG_6569




Oh look! An actual photo of the products I used (the lipstick was NYX Snow White, which I forgot to place in this photo too)

It pains me to not have a full length photo of this look. 

Here, I’m wearing my UNIF Keeper’s Dress with a red pleather jacket from All Would Envy. I love both items very much.




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  1. Love the viva glam on you 🙂 Steph x

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