Beauty resolutions for 2014

Since everyone’s doing something like this, here’s mine:

  1. Stop the makeup and online retail therapy (I won’t have to worry about this happening offline since I’m too lazy to shop anyways) and only buy stuff to replace things that have gotten worn out. And just wear the clothes that I’ve chucked aside and not worn often.

    This is especially important because I was doing so well last semester with not buying clothes and then boom it was exam season and then I bought a bunch of stuff (in my defence, it was all very nice stuff) and then packing to go home was hell and my mom won’t stop complaining about my wasting money on clothes.1456780_208492909334303_1692158897_n
    =/Also, I really should stop buying new makeup and properly use and review what I already have.

  2.  Learn to style my hair.


    IMG_6866I’m buying off my friend’s curling iron set thingy that’s the photo above. My hair styling skills are practically non existent (which is a sad sad thing). I want to learn to do that beautiful wavy slightly tousled bob I keep seeing in Japanese fashion editorials.medium-red-wavy-bob-with-dramatic-highlights_miniImage from
    Image from – such soft romantic wavesJapanese-Short-Hairstyle
    Image from So pretty and airy looking.

    Also, yesterday I helped a friend for her shoot (photos will be up once the photographer is done with post-processing!) and I finally did hair right so I am rather heartened. For one of the looks I did this crazy hair wild hair thing which basically involved a lot of hair spray, twists and bobby pins.


  3. Dye my hair (again).
    I used to have green hair and I miss it very very much. Now I just need to figure out what colour to dye it and just how much of my hair I should dye.603185_10151302570014648_795338311_n
    I’m thinking it’s either a full head (while keeping my hair short) of dark blue hair, or purple, or just something tamer, like an auburn. Or I might do tiny little streaks of different colours. Urgh. So many ideas, only one head of hair.

    purplehairstyle4-2purplehairstyle2-2_thumb purplehairstyle232_thumbThe above three images are from


    Or purple streaks.

    Image from I think this one is massively cool.

    ded7db09cb0cad430a0f00d9da157075 hair_color_three_tone_large
    Images from here and here respectively

    Image from

    Image from I’ve also had a thing for Michelle Phan’s ashy rosy colour – doesn’t it remind you of the Naked 3 palette?

  4. Own the Naked 3 palette before the year-end.1457744_10152031513588200_1702732398_nBecause I’ve set my heart on it and I will own it.
  5. Get a nice backpack.Because the one I currently own is a function over form one, which I only use when travelling and I keep using a sling bag everywhere I go and it hurts my shoulder. A lot.
  6. 2012-Hot-Item-Gathered-and-Cinched-Front-Detail-Women-Bucket-Backpack-Magnetic-Snap-Closure-Metal-LockSomething like this would be nice. Image from


    Or this.

Are there any resolutions you’ve made? Share in the comments!

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18 Responses to Beauty resolutions for 2014

  1. I have naked3 on my 2014 list too 🙂 Steph x

  2. rubyangel711 says:

    Love the hair choices! Michelle’s hair color is rockin’!😍

  3. Delia says:

    I want to get a new backpack/handbag too, my current one is SO not fancy, haha!

  4. addercatter says:

    Purple streaks!!! Yes!!!

  5. Amria says:

    I think the green turquoisy colour you had before suits you best and was crazy fun. But I wouldn’t mind purple either. Some loose curls like in the picrute of the girl with red hair would be so pretty on you ❤

  6. Olivia says:

    I love the orange/purple/red streaks and the blue tips for hair- you look amazing with green hair!!! Now you’ve got me thinking…:)

    • natziwang says:

      Hee. Yes, the contrasting colours in hair looks amazing. I once saw this photo in a magazine of a woman with reddish brown hair, with subtle streaks of red, orange and green in it – like a flower.

  7. Carina says:

    Great resolutions! I’ve noticed that makeup buying for me has been more of a therapeutic action. I bought so much makeup last year, and I had a pretty shit year, so I think that makes sense? Yes? Good luck on your goals!

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