Frothy Frothy Lace


This is a look inspired by the clean freshness of Japanese ads.


Image from here


Image from here

It’s a wide-eyed innocent look I’m after, to go with this sweet lace dress I’m wearing. The thing is so soft I always feel like burying my face in it.

Also, I take back everything bad I’ve ever said about matte pale pink blushes. I ranted about them previously about not being warm enough, and being too artificial doll-like.  I mean, I usually use brown-based blushes like MAC Warm Soul and Benefit Rockateur. If I want to switch it up I’d use an orange based coral, MAC Ripe for Love. And if I really have to use a pink, I use my strawberry-red MAC Gleefulor MAC Born to Love which is a pink based coral.


Swatch of MAC Born to Love, image from Temptalia

I was already a little apprehensive as I dipped my brush into the blush but as I patted on the pastel pink onto my face – oh wow.

It yielded just the right amount of colour to give me a very slight flush that looked all-natural. I am upset my camera does not capture the colour so well because loading up more blush for it to turn up would ruin that natural look, but trust me when I say that it’s lovely.

IMG_6989 IMG_6983 IMG_6995



Makeup used:


1) I used an angled liner brush and drew a very small cat eye (kitten eye really) with Urban Decay Busted  (satin deep cool brown) and smudged it with a pencil brush to get a smoky brown haze. I used the same eyeshadow to line my lower lashline.
2) Using the same angled liner brush, I applied Urban Decay Blackout (matte black) and lined the lower lashes in cat eye again, and then smudged that out. This creates a beautiful smoky gradient.
3) Then I used L’Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tube Mascara on my upper and lower lashes


1) I used the L’Oreal Resurfacing Primer as a base
2) I then applied Maybelline BB Watergel on top
3) I used L’Oreal Baby Blossom True Match Blush (matte powder pink) on the apples of my cheeks
4) I then used MAC Warm Soul to contour my cheeks (I have been neglecting this baby since buying Benefit Rockateur and I am sorry)
5) I dusted Hourglass Mood Light Ambient Lighting Powder as a setting powder, dusted all over the face


1) I used OCC Clockwork (cream orange based coral) on the lips
2) Benefit Coralista (juicy sheer pink coral gloss) on top


What do you think of the look? Leave your answer in the comments!

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6 Responses to Frothy Frothy Lace

  1. Amria says:

    Love it, especially how you match it with the lipstick.

  2. Nailed it! AMAZING lip colour!!

  3. Erika says:

    You know, you kind of look like the lady on the second ad you shared. 😆 And I agree with the previous commenters, you nailed it!

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