What no one told you about depotting lipsticks

It’s a messy messy job. My hands and fingers are stained pink and orange now.


I dropped by Daiso a few days back and bought a few of those screw on cap container thingies to store my lipsticks.

Things to note:

1) Place your lipstick pot on top of a bunch of tissues because some of it will be bound to run down the sides
2) The pots will be hot. I dropped a pot and it splattered everywhere. =( Be extremely careful when you touch them 
3) Have lots and lots of tissue nearby

It was pretty easy. I just broke off the lipstick and placed it in the pot, scooped up as much as I could left in the lipstick container with a plastic knife, smooshed and crushed up the lipstick in the container, then heated it up with a hairdryer.



I depotted my six of my Maybelline lipsticks – Electric Orange, Vibrant Mandarin, Shocking Coral, Fuschia Flash, Hot Plum and Brazen Berry. These – especially the purples – are lipsticks that I don’t use very often. I’d suggest that no one depot their lipsticks if it’s a limited edition lipstick or your favourite colour that you’re going to wear down to the bullet, because you’re going to lose a bit (or quite a bit) of product as you depot it.


Also, I bought these earrings from Daiso. As everything from Daiso, they’re only $2 (happy day). I have a thing for kimono fabrics, and was really happy to find this. Will probably be wearing the heck out of them over the next few days.

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7 Responses to What no one told you about depotting lipsticks

  1. lov3less says:

    Cute earrings. I have not seen them at Daiso.

  2. Carina says:

    No kidding, I depotted some lipsticks too! I didn’t end up using heat on them, just chop then smoosh. I used pillboxes!

  3. I wouldn’t have thought of using a hair drying, smart! I might give that a go.

  4. Oh no! I didn’t have any of those problems lol

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