Painting a sunset of colours


Maybelline Fierce and Tangy 24 Hour Tattoo is a beautiful matte orange cream, which I have been neglecting for a while. I decided to pull it out to wear for today, matching it with my purple paisley Unif Keeper’s DressI’ve missed using unconventional makeup colours, can you tell? 

I decided to paint a sunset of sorts on my eye, using orange, gold, brown and purple to get the look you see below. I’ve used a plummy blush (NARS Oasis) on the cheeks (pity it doesn’t show in the photos) and a brownish plummy lipgloss (Bobbi Brown Bronzed Heather High Shimmer Lipgloss).

I’m especially happy with how the eyes turned out. I’ve always been bad at blending multiple colours together – it usually ends up looking like a muddy mess, and I’m glad that the purple in the crease is still visible as purple, and doesn’t mix too much with the dark red brown on the outer third of the eye.

Anyone has tips on how they do their blending? =X Tips are much appreciated.

Also, I’ve taken to spraying my face with a little bit of water after my finishing powder, which takes away some of the powderiness of the makeup and makes my skin look well, more like skin. If you haven’t tried it and you’ve struggled with this problem, give it a go! I especially need it on days when I used BB Cream AND a tinted powder AND a finishing powder.


IMG_7123 IMG_7118 IMG_7119

Photos of makeup used below:



1) First I took Maybelline Fierce and Tangy 24 Hour Color Tattoo (matte orange cream) and patted it on the lid with a large flat brush. This was the base for my makeup.


2) I then took the burnt orange shade you see in the photo above (this is from the POPbeauty BRITPOP palette, a limited edition neutral palette I’d bought when I first started with makeup) and patted it on top of the orange cream. This darkened the orange cream base, and the satin finish of this eyeshadow gave the lids some dimension. I also used an angled liner brush and lined my lower lashlines with this colour.


Urban Decay Theodora Palette


Urban Decay Glinda palette

3) I then took the gold sparkle from the Urban Decay Theodora paletteUrban Decay Spell and with a pencil brush, I patted the gold shimmer in the inner third of the eye
4) I used Urban Decay West, a deep red brown satin from the Theodora palette and darkened the outer third of my eye. I took the same angled liner brush in step 2 and lined my lower lashlines, this time closer to the lashline so you can see both the brown and orange
5) I used Urban Decay Tornado from the Glinda palette, a beautiful deep royal purple satin in the crease, blending it out, but careful not to mix it too much with the brown
6) I then took Urban Decay Illusion from the Glinda palette (the peachy shade you see in the photo) which is more like a shimmery beige, which I used to highlight the brow bone
7) I lined my upper lashline with Urban Decay Rockstar 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil, a deep eggplant colour
8) I then used a lengthening mascara (rather than a volumnizing one) to keep the look from going OTT



1) I used Bobbi Brown BB Cream and applied it to my face
2) After waiting for the BB cream to be absorbed for about five minutes, I buffed my Painted Earth Luminious Coconut Oil Pressed Powder into my face – it acts as both a setting powder and goes over any kind of blemishes the BB cream failed to cover
3) I then patted the MAC Prep + Prime Translucent Powder on my lids with a finger, very lightly, to set the eyeshadow there (first time trying this out, let’s see how it goes)
4) I used NARS Oasis, a plummy blush with a gold sheen on the apples of my cheeks
5) I used Benefit Rockateur to contour my cheeks
6) I set my makeup with my Guerlain Meteorites Pressed Powder in Teint Beige



1) I used Korres Wild Rose Lip Butter to prep my lips, and it gave it a rosy tint
2) Then I used Bobbi Brown Bronzed Heather High Shimmer Lip Gloss, a lovely shimmery plummy brown I have unfortunately been neglecting

This is a look more complicated than I’ve done in a while. o.o I had a lot of fun doing it though, and I love the result! What do you think?

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8 Responses to Painting a sunset of colours

  1. rubyangel711 says:

    Love this look on you! I’ve fallen in love with your UD Glinda palette! The colour assortment is amazing!

    • natziwang says:

      Yep, it’s a surprisingly versatile palette! When I first got it I somehow used it a lot more than the neutral-heavy Theodora palette. I think you can still find it on ebay. =)

  2. mintymilky says:

    Love the colours 🙂 Makes me wish it was autumn again..

  3. Amria says:

    All turned out really pretty Nat! 🙂

  4. Kate's Beauty Book says:

    Love this look! You look absolutely gorgeous 🙂

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