A Classic: Ruby Lips and how to wear them


Today I’m going for a classic look: the red lip.

Some people may feel that a red lip is something only to be worn for dressier events, but nope, it’s one that can be worn in the day too. The trick is to keep the rest of your makeup light.

Disclaimer: Everything below are all just guidelines, feel free to break them and have fun. =) That’s what makeup’s about anyways.

Red lips for day

Keep your makeup light. If using eyeshadow, use lighter colours – beiges, peaches, neutral browns and taupes and the like.

If you still want a pop of colour, line your waterline with a gold or blue eyeliner. It’s a great way of adding some subtle colour.

For eyeliner: I like the polished look of liquid eyeliner together with with a red lip but some may find that too dressy still. I also like to pair it with a brown or grey eyeliner to keep it neat.

 For blush, I like to use a brown-based blush whenever I want to keep things looking simple. It’s enough to give you some colour after your foundation, but it’s nothing too eye catching. Benefit Rockateur and MAC Warm Souls would be great products to use. Alternatively, you could also use a light dusting of pink or coral; Benefit Coralista, MAC Ripe for Love, NYX Pinched are all great blushes for this. The idea is to brighten the face. Just stay away from darker, ruddier or plummier blushes.

When I wear a red in the day, I tend to use a more orange-based red, or a brighter kind of red. Revlon True Red (what I used above) is one of them. OCC Psycho is another one.


Here I’m wearing OCC Psycho – isn’t it glorious?

Also, if you’re not too comfortable with wearing a bright eye-catching red in the day, there are plenty of other reds you could still wear. A muted brown red like MAC Viva Glam I is something you could look at, or OCC Starling.


In the above photos, I’m wearing MAC Viva Glam I lipgloss in the left, and the MAC Viva Glam I lipstick on the right. Both are muted red browns, the lipgloss perhaps a little browner and less bright than the lipstick.


This is OCC Starling, a beautiful warm brick red.

Red lips for night


In the photo above, I used Sephora Always Red Lip Cream, paired with gold eyeshadow and liquid liner.

When it comes to wearing the red lipstick for night, you can change things up. Adding a lipgloss or even patting OCC Triptych, a molten gold, on top of your red things can add drama to your look. Go for brighter eyeshadows, heavier eye liner or falsies.

You could also choose to play up your blush rather than your eyes, which is a more subtle way of adding drama. Go for a deep red flush with MAC Gleeful, or use a plummy blush like NARS Oasis

For the red lipstick itself, I prefer to use darker, blue-based matte reds for a lacquered polished look (ie. minimal gloss here). MAC Ruby Woo is of course one, as well as Sephora Always Red Cream Lip Stain.

Products used for today’s look displayed in the photo


This was fairly easy. For the eyes, I just used a black liquid liner on the upper lashline to define them, nothing too messy.

For the face, I mixed Benefit High Beam, a beautiful illuminator with my Maybelline BB Watergel to get a glowing complexion. I used MAC Warm Soul, a brown-based blush that gives me a warm peachy bronze on the cheeks. I set this with my Guerlain Meoteorites Pressed Powder.

For the lips, I lined them with a red lip liner, Jordona Sedona Red Lip Liner, and then applied Revlon True Red, a bright neutral red on the lips.

The end result is polished and very pretty. What do you think?

I’m also trying to be more comfortable wearing my glasses around. I usually don’t wear makeup when wearing my specs because I never want to draw attention to my face – the glasses always just makes me look a lot more sallow. Trying to get over this now; I guess you can say my contact lenses are my crutch.


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4 Responses to A Classic: Ruby Lips and how to wear them

  1. rubyangel711 says:

    Wow, all the lip colors you wore are stunning! I especially love Revlon’s True Red😍

  2. mintymilky says:

    I like the glasses! No need to feel uncomfortable. I think they go so well with the red lips 🙂

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