A Trip to the River Safari


I went to the recently opened River Safari yesterday. I initially wasn’t really intending to wear makeup but before I left, I thought what the heck. 

IMG_7163 IMG_7164

Do note that I’m not wearing any foundation in this. I used a silver eyeliner, drew a thick line along my upper lashline and smudged that out. I then used a black eyeliner (Urban Decay Zero) to line my upper lashline. I’m wearing OCC Authentic on the lips. 

This is unusual for me because I rarely ever mix warm and cool colours in my makeup.

Below are photos of the River Safari!

IMG_7167 IMG_7182 IMG_7204 IMG_7228 IMG_7239 IMG_7273 IMG_7283

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3 Responses to A Trip to the River Safari

  1. lov3less says:

    Is it worth to go to river safari? I’m still debating on the price.

    • natziwang says:

      It depends on what you mean by worth it, and if you like walking around looking at animals. It’s better to go in the morning I think, because most of them are sleeping in the afternoon. But of course, it’s money that could be spent somewhere else.

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