Product Rave: MAC Gleeful


MAC Gleeful Mineralize Blush is described as a ‘Deep dirty blue pink with gold pearl’. I’d say this is a fairly apt description, though I have been calling it a strawberry blush; I feel that it has stronger red tones than pink, and the gold pearl is not noticeable on the skin.

It costs SGD39 and USD25.

Gleeful, like all red blushes, look terrifying in the pot. It’s definitely not a colour most people would reach out for as it looks far too red, but red-based blushes are actually the best ones to get that beautiful flushed look. Most people naturally blush red of course, not pink after all!

The MAC Mineralize blushes are supposed to have ‘sheer’ colour, but Gleeful is one of the more pigmented ones (I also own Warm Soul and Dainty and they’re nowhere this pigmented). Lighter skin tones should apply this with a very light hand – I like to use a fan brush to apply this and gently layer this over until I get the right shade I want. This however, is fantastic news (to me) as it means it looks great on medium and darker skintones. 

The one gripe I have about MAC’s Mineralize blushes is that they never last too long. I start seeing fading as soon as four or five hours for the lighter shades. Gleeful will last just as long if I’ve applied it with a light hand, up to about six hours with heavier application.


Here’s a swatch of Gleeful. At the top is one swipe with my finger, the bottom is one swipe sheered out.


Here I’ve got a very light dusting of MAC Gleeful. See the rest of this look here.

I used Gleeful for a stage production, and you can see how lovely it looks on medium skintones.

DSCN0216 DSCN0215

Cost: SGD39
Does it work: Gleeful provides a beautiful natural looking rosy flush to the cheeks. However, do note that you might have to touch it up especially if you live in a tropical climate.
Would I recommend it: It’s a great everyday blush that works on a variety of skintones. You just have to be okay with touching up your blush once in a while. Check it out the next time you stop by MAC!

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2 Responses to Product Rave: MAC Gleeful

  1. I also have MAC Gleeful and I have yet to write about it! And true, it looks scary in the pot but on the skin, depending on how you layer it, it’s a nice rosy blush. I love it.

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