Sweltering Saturday

DSCN0326 DSCN0328

The morning and early afternoon was sweltering.

I kinda rushed my makeup this morning and can’t remember what I put on. I know I used the Naked 3 palette for the eyes, and MAC Dainty and MAC Warm Soul for the cheeks. The lips were OCC Androgyne with Bobbi Brown Canary High Shimmer Lip Gloss layered on top for a sparkly gold finish. 

I met a friend who passed me her hair curler/straightener collection thingy!


I tried curling my hair, failed miserably. I gave up when my hair was starting to feel a little dry, and when I accidentally burned my fringed. All I got was a bit of texture and touseling in my hair.

Photo on 8-2-14 at 5.39 PM

Also no, it didn’t stay.

Photo on 8-2-14 at 5.40 PM

Do you have any tips for me? Also any YouTube tutorials you’d recommend? The trickiest part of curling short hair is just to make sure you don’t end up burning yourself, I think!

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9 Responses to Sweltering Saturday

  1. Kate's Beauty Book says:

    I’ll keep an eye out for any you tubers that will have tutorials! 🙂 I really like that tousled look, too!

  2. moonstone34 says:

    I burn myself often when I use my wandless curling iron!lol Anyhow, I agree with the previous comment, I like the tousled look on you. Its very effortlessly chic!
    Btw – Thanks for the kind comments on my blog:)

    xo, Jackie

  3. Amria says:

    Nat please don’t use hot tools, you’ll burn yourself 😦 how about some sponge rollers?

  4. Juvy says:

    You can use a heat protectant spray like tresemme before curling. Also, watch youtube tutorials! Hehe. 😀

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