Neko Nat


Neko is ‘cat’ in Japanese by the way.

I have been given bright pink cat ears by my friends and I love them very much for it. Definitely wearing them during Valentine’s Day (I’m already wearing them to class today).  The neko ears made me think of Japanese things, hence the Japanese inspired makeup (no cat eyeliner unfortunately, I thought that would overdo it). So just pinks and corals for this.

Anyways, a bits of happy news!

First, I’ve found a spot in my room with just the right lighting for my camera. See the tremendous difference between today’s selfies and yesterday’s?


It’s in the corner of my room next to my wardrobe, so I pull out the wardrobe for the mirror, which also helps with the selfies. 


My skin also looks incredible. There are no filters or Photoshopping here. And you can see how Benefit High Beam and Hourglass Diffused Light Ambient Lighting Powder really makes my skin look amazing.


Compare to the awfulness of my photo in a badly lit part of the room that shows off  and worsens all the flaws. Urgh.

Also, I have a new favourite mascara – Benefit BADgal Lash. I prefer them over my previously raved about Benefit They’re Real mascara. While my lashes are definitely not as curly, I think they’re longer and fuller, which is something I prize over a curled lash. It’s received very mixed reviews over at makeupalley, and it seems that a large part of it being non-waterproof, and causing panda/raccoon eyes. I’ll be writing a review for it after I’m done testing it for the day. 

Here’s the makeup used:


The big face palette is the Painted Earth Bronze Complete Face Palette. I used the pink blush, the middle brown shade and the darker brown shade.


Used the following eyeshadows from the UD Naked 3 paletteDust (highlight colour), Nooner (contour in the crease), Blackheart (liner)


Maybelline Inked in Pink 24 Hour Tattoo

DSCN0445Closeup of my makeup. I really like the soft colours used.


1) I used Maybelline Inked in Pink 24 Hour Tattoo (shimmery pale pink) as a base for the lid
2) I used the middle golden brown shade from my Painted Earth palette on the lid and layered it on top of Inked in Pink, which led to a beautiful almost peachy brown kind of colour
3) I then used the darker shade to contour
4) I used Urban Decay Nooner (matte mauve pink) in the crease
5) I used Urban Decay Dust (shimmery pink) as a highlight colour along the brow bone and inner corner of the eye
6) I used Urban Decay Blackheart (blackened purple with purple sparkle) to outline the upper lashline
7) I used Beneft BADGal Lash mascara on my lashes


1) I mixed Benefit High Beam together with my Maybelline BB Watergel to get this lovely glowing thing on my face
2) I used the pink blush in my Painted Earth Bronze Complete Face Palette
3) I used MAC Warm Soul to contour the face
4) I also used MAC Soft and Gentle to add a little sparkle to the cheeks


1) I applied OCC Electric Grandma Lip Tar by patting it lightly on the lips with a finger. This is enough to lighten my lip colour but doesn’t look too unnaturally orange.


What do you think of the look? The cat ears? (^^ cat ears) Also, what’s your favourite mascara?

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12 Responses to Neko Nat

  1. Pat says:

    The cat ears look good on you! I’ve seen these around too and I might get one for myself. I wonder if there are dog ears? (I’m more of a dog person hehe)

    • natziwang says:

      I think I’ve seen them at Daiso, but I’m not too sure. Cat ears are definitely a lot easier to find, probably because the cat ear shape is so distinctive while it’s a lot more varied for dogs.

  2. rubyangel711 says:

    Aww, cute cat ears. Makeup is soooo lovely:)))

  3. Olivia says:

    Adorable ears =^-.-^= (haha I’m really proud of that one) Your pictures look amazing!!

  4. Amria says:

    Yaay, glad you found a good spot for pics! I have insanely small windows and I have to crawl in the weirdest positions to take pictures haha. But I love good light! I just crop my pictures for the post 😀

  5. mintymilky says:

    Cute! You should wear these kitty ears more often 😀

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