V-Day makeup

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Of course, there has to be a themed look for today. And somehow I didn’t pull out the black lipstick or something to do an anti-Valentine’s Day look. (I resisted. I really did.)


Meow. The cat ears make another appearance.

DSCN0516 DSCN0517


DSCN0522 DSCN0523



I’m wearing a white romper (bought from Theory of Seven about a year ago) with a black textured vest from my mom’s wardrobe. Paired this with my UNIF Confession Boot and of course, the cat ears.



Makeup used. Eyeshadows were from the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, and the little eyeshadow pot is Urban Decay Oz from the Urban Decay Glinda palette.


1) I used NYX Cashmere (pale cool gold) all over the lid as a base
2) UD Buzz (warm coppery rose) all over the lids
3) UD Trick (rose gold) on the outer third of the eye
4) UD Oz (pale metallic gold) on the inner third
5) UD Mugshot (metallic taupe) in the crease
6) UD Blackheart  (blackened purple) to line the eye, flicked out to get a cat eye (meow!)
7) UD Strange (pale matte white with pink undertones) on the browbone
8) Benefit BADgal Lash mascara,, applying it copiously to the upper lashes


1) I used Maybelline BB Watergel as my base
2) I set it with my Guerlain Pressed Meteorites
3) I then used Benefit Coralista (coral with a gold sheen), buffing it into my cheeks with a Kabuki brush
4) I used Benefit Rockateur (rose gold) as a contour colour
5) I then dusted Hourglass Diffused Light Ambient Lighting Powder on my face


A friend commented that she was surprised that I didn’t use a bolder lip colour – I used Revlon Rosegold Colorburst Lipgloss, which is well, a  lovely rose gold colour on the lip. I thought OCC Radiate would be a perfect V-Day colour, but I figured since I’m already wearing the cat ears and am dressed nicely it would be going overboard if I had it.


What Valentine-Day themed makeup are you wearing?

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8 Responses to V-Day makeup

  1. Erika says:

    Totally laughing cos of the black lipstick bit. 😆 You look lovely!

  2. Amria says:

    You look like a doll! 🙂 Perfect look for the day

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  4. mintymilky says:

    That last pic 😀 Meowww! *Purr*

  5. chngruisi says:

    Hi Nat. Just wondering if you have ever experienced this problem when wearing mascara/eyeliner: the skin below the eyes turning a bit “grey” after some time, due do transfer of mascara (I think). I remember reading somewhere that it’s because the oil on the skin dissolves the mascara when we blink. Do you have any tips on how to avoid this?:) Thanks.

    • natziwang says:

      I am so sorry, I don’t. =( All I do is carry around Q-tips and hope for the best. Concealing and powdering the under eye area (to take down the oils there) does help some though!

  6. Jules says:

    You looked so cute! I’m so jealous of girls that can pull off short hair!

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