Jakarta updates

Wi-fi here is spotty (first world whines) so I can’t go through the updates or update myself very often. =(

Well clearly, the retail therapy with MAC last Friday wasn’t enough to put me off makeup shopping, because I hit the Duty Free as soon as I could on Saturday. I knew that I would be replenishing my Maybelline face powder, which is running out. I was surprised to see that they don’t stock the tinted pressed Meteorites anymore (I’ve been using Teint Beige since late 2012), but they have this non-tinted version. I guess because the tint was so light that no one really used it for foundation anyway (though I did, when my skin was good).

DSCN0539 DSCN0540

But when I saw MAC lipsticks going for SGD24 (usual price is SGD30), I couldn’t resist. I’ve bought MAC Shanghai Spice and MAC Ravishing. There seems to be a larger range of products at the airport. You know how some shades are only available in the US or certain regions of the world (especially the Mineralize lipsticks, we only have ten shades brought in Singapore). Looks like this isn’t the case at the airport.


Shanghai Spice is a shade I’ve always liked since seeing Temptalia’s review on it (also the name of it is just awesome) but I don’t recall seeing it in the Singaporean MAC counters (do correct me if I’m wrong though, it’s not a shade that I would have actively looked out for until my recent nude phase).


I also picked up Ravishing, which Carina had recommended. It’s a muted coral, which I figure I can always brighten up by layering OCC Androgyne on top.

Before we went for dinner at the most wonderful cafe on Sunday (I usually can’t afoord cafe food but in Jakarta ere I’m paying a third of the price of what I’d pay in Singapore and therefore feel obliged to get a drink, mains and dessert every time) we were hanging around the hostel room and I started applying makeup on just about every girl I was there.

They think that my makeup collection is insane. I haven’t had the heart to tell them that what I packed for this trip is just the tip of the ice berg.

Yesterday, we went to the mall Central Park to eat at Nanny’s Pavilion. The decor was beautiful, with garden swings, soft light browns and whites. The food wasn’t great (my baked rice was terribly dry, sausages were tasteless, and for some reason they put mayonnaise with my cheese which just made me go D=) but the dessert was a caramelized peach crepe with walnuts. Yum. Desert.

And Nanny’s just had to be facing the makeup counter so when we exited the restaurant and I saw the Maybelline counter I was curious and went to check out their prices. Then I was floored. The first thing I did was check out the Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush which is not a product I recalled seeing in Singapore (though again I might have been mistaken, I’ve been on a no-makeup buy for a while).

I ended up with Shade 20 (Peach Satin) and the new Maybelline Rocket mascara because I’ve been hearing such great things about it. (The Rocket mascara is my new favourite mascara, expect a review on it soon). Also the texture of that Dream Bouncy Blush is wonderful. Next time you pass by a place with Maybelline samples, go touch it.


Then we went to Zara and I saw the Most Beautiful Necklaces.

The silver one was on sale (previously 690 000, which is about SGD69, and is also not something I would ever pay for for costume jewellery) but was marked down to around SGS20. I’ve been looking for a statement necklace for a while, and the punkness of this was irresistible. It also reminds me of jewellery Indian dancers would wear, because of the many layers and the bells that it comes with. Yes, it jingles as I walk. It is also tremendously heavy but who cares, I’ll adjust.


The other one is this exquisite beautiful cool gold colour that makes me (and everyone who saw it) think of elvish jewellery from The Lord of the Rings. It also comes in an elastic band, so I could actually use this as a headband and not just a necklace.


Tuesday was a free day for us, so we went shopping at this giant marketplace called Mangga Dua. There were many things, and the things were cheap.

I ended up purchasing a necklace (yes, another one), a really cheap top on clearance, and a T-shirt/tank styled dress. I’ve been on the lookout for one (that comes at a reasonable price) since I saw things like the Unif Loose Strings dress and Coven dress on Dolls Kill.

DSCN0647 DSCN0650


This one was like $12. It has a chiffon skirt starting at the knee, with two slits up the side.


Pretty $5 blouse!

I went over to Bandung, a province outside of Jakarta for a couple of days. We went to this place called Widely Project, which looks like this hipster shop.

It is also my new favourite place in the world.

I love WidelyProject. I really really do. They had wonderful clothes from imported brands like Mink Pink but they also had lots of local designers and their clothes. These included TOSAVICA, STRYD, Majic, Well Born and Three A. I bought a number of items there and it  averaged about SGD32 per piece, which would get you a mid-range quality from Singaporean blog shops. I estimate from the quality of the clothes I bought while there would range from SGD50 – 200 in the average Singapore shop.

Also this is where what people will insist on calling me out on being a princess about, but I ended up not being very interested in the cheaper outlets that we later went to. Maybe it’s because I was going through brands like For Love and Lemons, Mink Pink, UNIF and other terribly expensive white brands the night before (I am still in love with http://www.dollskill.com/for-love-lemons-swan-lake-dress.html and have yet to find a dupe though) I was cool with spending SGD30 for a dress.But while SGD30 is most likely to get you some crappy chiffon dress with loose threads hanging around and most definitely not fully lined in Singapore, SGD30 got me Wonderful Things.

I want to go back to that shop for new clothes always.


New oversized cameo jacket on the days I feel like being a badass.


This beautiful loose ethereal dress made out of the softest cotton.


Batwing top.


This one looks like an ordinary T-shirt.


And then you see the cutouts in the back.


My new wonderful kimono wrap on the days I feel like being a Bohemian.


An oversized coral crop top.


A new denim biker jacket.


My new formal dress! DSCN0881

It wasn’t too expensive, about $40, and it reminds me of these:


Burial Sequin Cut Out Dress and Into the Night Cut Out dress.

I love my new Beautiful Things.

– – –

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  1. I lived duty free in Singapore. I got Mac sex and the oyster eye shadow there. Thought I’d never get it but tye had it for Sd 24. I was so happy!

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