Product Rave: MAC Rubensque


If you’ve been reading my posts for a while now, you’d be familiar with the beauty that is MAC Rubensque Paint Pot. It’s described as a ‘golden peach with gold pearl’ which I guess is an okay description.


This however, is the awful awful swatch photo from the site. Nope, it doesn’t look at all like the Rubensque I know and love.  

What I find fascinating about this colour is how it looks different on different skintones. When I apply it on darker warmer skin tones, the gold is really brought out, and the peach is a subtle shimmer. On me, it looks like a peachy beige and then at certain angles you see the gold. I’m fond of using this is an all-over eyeshadow colour for people who aren’t used to having makeup on their faces. It warms and brightens up the face enough to perk up the complexion. The gold tones come out a lot stronger for darker and warmer skin tones though, so it’ll look very different on those with darker skin tones.

IMG_7466 IMG_7465

With just Rubensque on the lid. See how pretty it is!

Most times I like to use this as a base for other colours. For instance, if I’m using a cool pastel shade with gold undertones like Urban Decay Magic (lavender pink with gold shimmer), it will warm up the colour, and bring out the golden shimmer more. On other colours like matte or satiny browns it’ll add more dimension to the colour, which I love.

And as for longevity? It doesn’t budge or fade once it sets on the lid. ❤

I highly highly recommend Rubensque.

Cost: SGD40
Does it work: This is a shimmery peachy gold that works as both an eyeshadow and a base. I dab it on with my finger, it’s foolproof. Oh and it doesn’t budge once it sets on the skin.
Would I recommend it: This is one of those colours that suit a variety of skin tones. Check it out the next time you’re at MAC, you’re bound to fall in love!

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12 Responses to Product Rave: MAC Rubensque

  1. dandygal says:

    I agree – the swatch on their website is so terrible!

  2. Juvy says:

    I do not own any paint pots but want to try them out in the future! 🙂

  3. Pat says:

    Beautiful shade! Looks like the perfect starter for MAC paint pots.

  4. rubyangel711 says:

    I’ve already fallen in love with this since I’ve seen you use this. I’m so getting this soon!😍

  5. Rae says:

    The swatches on mac websites are indeed horrible. Even with the lipsticks

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