Early morning yawnings and a stroll in the garden

I had a shoot this morning! Woke up at about 4am to do my makeup, which took me about an hour.


Before I left for Botanic Gardens. So sleepy.


Went to a part of the gardens I had never been to before, the foliage did not look like a tropical forest. It felt like I was transported out of Singapore.

Photos are currently being edited. But here’s a teaser! This one was a candid shot taken while I was walking. I love the movement of the dress. Also it’s like I’m chaneling that off-duty model vibe, lol.


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13 Responses to Early morning yawnings and a stroll in the garden

  1. mintymilky says:

    Love the hair and necklace! 🙂

  2. Pat says:

    I looove your hair Nat! And your hat looks great among the greenery!

  3. Can’t get over how pretty you look.

  4. tanicr says:

    Love it all the hair the hat! You look very pretty! Xx

  5. Just Jona says:

    Love the last photo! Can’t wait to see the full set 🙂

  6. Amria says:

    This looks like how I’d wish it to be outside here right now *_* I bet all the other photos are lovely and can’t wait to see more

  7. Jules says:

    What the..? I was so sure I already commented on this. Maybe it didn’t submit but I said you look like you’re on a beautiful vacation and I couldn’t wait for the rest of the pictures!!

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