A Quick Introduction to Sandy B

I forgot to mention in yesterday’s post that I had traded in six empties with MAC for a new lipstick.

In case you don’t know, MAC has this recycling policy – Back to MAC – where you can trade six empties for a brand new lipstick. That’s S$30 I’m saving right there.

It was a tossup between MAC Angel (light warm milky pink) or Sandy B (peach pink with gold frost). Angel is one of those shades that everyone seems to rave about, and I own shockingly few pink shades (I tend to go for more brown-based things when I want a neutral colour). I was introduced to Sandy B, a more unknown shade (since MAC has so darn many!) by my friend Hanis, who blogged about it last week when she wore it to a wedding. (Check out her post here, there is an awesome hair tutorial too.) I was leaning more to Angel, because I know as pretty as Sandy B looks it tends to look its best with tanner and warmer skin tones. Which I clearly don’t have.

But after I swatched both lipsticks at the MAC counter, I fell in love with Sandy B.


Look at that wonderful peachy colour. That gold shimmer. Just look at it.

Angel was very sweetly pretty, but it’s a shade I could easily get with a drugstore brand. I like getting undupeable shades, especially if I’m getting it for free. ❤


Readers, meet Sandy B, my new love.

I’m not that big a fan of pastel-type pink shades, and I can see myself reaching for Sandy B more often.


Here’s me trying it on this morning. I’m giving my skin a break and not wearing any makeup except for a bit of lipstick today. Sandy B lightens my lip colour and gives it the prettiest sheen.

I’ll do up an official review in a few days when I test it for wear. It’s not a colour that’ll last very long for sure (I had a greasy lunch of BBQ meat)

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