Smoky Summer


It’s been really warm here for the last few days (who am I kidding it’s blisteringly hot the grass is dry and crunches underfoot, I need rain D=) . I’ve gone for a pretty oversized coral crop T-shirt I bought in Bandung, matched it with my Zara necklace (which I used as a headband in my last shoot), denim shorts and my new sneakers.

2014-03-03 22.52.19

When most people think summer makeup, it’s usually a minimal kind of a look, so your makeup doesn’t melt all over the place. Not me because I like a challenge like that.

I definitely wanted to keep my cheeks coral so I pulled out my Benefit Go-Go Tropicoral kit to decide which to use. I ended up picking Coralista over ChaCha Tint because of the beautiful golden glow it has.

But I knew I wanted a smoky brown eye, which is something I’ve not done in a while. I also knew I wanted to use my Laura Mercier 2013 Holiday Eye Palette for this, because while I’ve used the plummy colours in the palatte a lot, I’ve barely touched the browns in the second row.



 I really like this shot. It frustrates me that all my selfies are blurry though – my camera’s really sensitive to any shakiness.


Closeup of the eye. Slightly messy slightly smudged looking but that’s what I was going for. If I wanted polish I would have used gel or liquid liners.

Also I’m testing to products for wear today! Benefit Rockateur – because it’s high time I did a review for it – and MAC Sandy B, my new favourite peachy lipstick.


Products used:


1) From the Laura Mercier Artist’s Palette for Eyes 2013 Holiday Collection, I first took a fluffy brush and applied Primrose (frosted peachy beige) all over the eye, bringing it up to above the crease, but still slightly below the brow bone
2) I then took Fresco (matte medium brown) and applied it directly on the lid, so I now have this beautiful gradient of brown blending out into the peachy beige
3) I then took Bamboo (golden brown with subtle champagne shimmer) and applied it to the outer third of the eye
4) I then used Truffle (matte chocolate brown) in the crease
5) I used a pencil brush and applied Expresso Bean (matte blackened brown) along the upper lashline, and the outer third of the lower lashline
6) I used Vanilla Nuts (matte pink-toned beige) to highlight the browbone
7) I used the Painted Earth SuperCurl mascara on my lashes for some subtle length
8) I then took my MAC Prep + Prime Loose Translucent powder and patted it on the eyes and under eyes very lightly to set the makeup


1) I used the Maybelline BB Watergel as my base
2) I used Benefit Coralista (coral with golden sheen) to get a beautiful gold glow on the cheeks
3) I then used Benefit Rockateur just under my cheekbones, very lightly, to get a very subtle sculpted look
4) I set everything with Hourglass Mood Ambient Lighting Powder (pale pink powder) to give my face a healthy flush


I used MAC Sandy B (pale peachy pink with gold frost) to finish off the look

What do you think guys? What kind of makeup do you use when it’s hot outside?

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10 Responses to Smoky Summer

  1. Amria says:

    You look lovely in the makeup and the top! ❤ It's been raining here enough, and it won't stop 0_o oh well, at least it's better than snow.

    • natziwang says:

      Thank you! Bright coral colours are awesome, they make me feel happy instantly. I really hope it rains soon, but they say this dry weather’s gonna continue to ’til March. =(

  2. mintymilky says:

    Great look! The colour of the top goes so well with the golden necklace and your hair colour.

  3. Jules says:

    Very brave wearing a smokey look on blistering heat! Where I live, it’s humid hot so I can’t even dare put as much makeup as I want because the moment I step out it’s probably melting on the ground.

    • natziwang says:

      I’m in air conditioned lecture theaters most of the time it’s not so bad I guess. But the translucent powder really helped in making the makeup stay in place. I wiped it off ten hours after putting it on, and it was faded, but still there.

  4. Carina says:

    So pretty! ❤

  5. Great look! I also love your styling for summer! It is getting quite hot outside 😀

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