Product Rave: MAC Sandy B


Hello all! I’d just like to introduce you to my new favourite peach lipstick, MAC Sandy B. Like all MAC lipsticks, it costs USD15 and SGD30.

MAC describes Sandy B as ‘light shell pink’ with a frost finish. Below is the absolutely awful swatch you find on the site.


Yep, Sandy B looks nothing like that.


 I’d say Sandy B is a peachy with gold frost. Unfortunately this gold frost hardly shows up on my pasty pale skin.

This, unfortunately, is really a colour that looks most flattering on darker and warmer skin tones. Just check out Karen’s swatches and how it looks on her here. You can see how the peach is really brought out on her skin.

On me, the colour mostly lightens up my lips and gives my usually ruddy lips a peach undertone and the most beautiful gold frost covering. While I love this so so much, I get that this isn’t for everyone, and it’ll definitely wash out people with lighter skintones, especially if they also have lighter lip clours. MAC CB96 might suit you better because of its ruddier undertones, especially if you like the gold frost of Sandy B.


First time trying out Sandy B, without wearing any other makeup.DSCN1006

Me wearing Sandy B as I test it out (check out the rest of the look here). I love how understated it is, but the gold sheen it has. *swoon* It gives the colour a kind of dimension that is exactly what differentiates it from the average drugstore dupe. This is a great lipstick to pull out for hot sunny days.

As with all MAC lipsticks, Sandy B is very lightly vanilla scented, which you won’t notice once you apply it. I love this scent, it always reassures me that I’m using a real MAC lipstick, and not some knockoff.

I apply Sandy B straight from the tube to my lips, and it goes on smoothly and easily. A friend of mine described its texture as slightly gritty. I won’t call it gritty, though there is a certain texture it has so you can feel it clinging to your lips. It’s nothing distracting as it’s rather thin, and honestly I prefer it, since you can figure out when you need to reapply it. (also makes testing for this lipstick seriously convenient). Even though it’s a frost, it doesn’t appear to emphasize any lines on my lips but then my lips are in very good condition right now. I’d suggest you always apply a dab of lip balm about ten minutes before putting on your lipstick to minimize any line settling anyways. 

Sandy B lasted for four hours before I needed to reapply it. As with all lighter lip colours, it wears for a slightly shorter time and doesn’t cling as much, and it most definitely won’t last you through a meal – I had to reapply after lunch. However, with all the clinginess it lasted through my constant water breaks (I take a swig of water every ten minutes or so) and I’m pretty impressed that a colour this light can last through all that.

Cost: SGD30, USD15
Does it work: It’s a beautiful peach with pink undertones and gold frost. A lot of the people have complained about the grittiness, but I’d say you should try it to be sure about it. It lasted about four hours on me.
Would I recommend it: If you have a warmer skintone, I’d highly recommend it! It’s not for everyone with lighter skin though, especially if you have naturally very light lips.

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9 Responses to Product Rave: MAC Sandy B

  1. Amria says:

    Your lips are so perfect *_*

  2. Juvy says:

    I love the shade and I agree with Maria with those perfect lips! 😀

  3. Jules says:

    You’re like a MAC expert 🙂
    I love how natural your lips came out with it.

    • natziwang says:

      Awwww. Thank you! Not even close though, MAC has so many things I haven’t even had the chance to try. I do have a number of their lipsticks though.

  4. Nah. I think it looks great on you!

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