Product Rave: Benefit Rockateur

So I’ve owned this one for quite a while now, but just never got ’round reviewing it. Hi everyone! Here’s Benefit’s Rockateur, one of my new favourite blushes. Benefit RockateurIMG_6403


Rockateur is the second of Benefit’s Box of Powders that I’m reviewing; the first was Coralista

Do note that Rockatuer has significantly less product than other boxes of powders but is still sold at the same price; it contains 5g compared to the others which have 8g of product (or 0.17oz and 0.28oz). I’ve read somewhere that this is because Rockateur’s been formulated to be a lot more pigmented than the previous Box of Powders, so you end up needing less product. (Also note that MAC Mineralize blushes while MAC blushes are significantly more pigmented than Rockateur, and have 3.5g or 0.11oz for SGD40 and USD 25. You decide for yourself if it’s more bang for your buck to get which.)

Also, while Rockateur looks scary in the box, but is nowhere near as frosted or metallic as it looks (that stuff’s just an overspray). Here’s a swatch.


See, no scary frost here! It’s more like a satiny sheen that gives you the loveliest glow.


In this look, I buffed Rockateur onto my cheeks with a Kabuki brush, so this is about as pigmented as it gets. Look at that beautiful rosy bronze colour!


Here I’ve used Rockateur as a contour colour. With a light hand, I dipped my blush brush and just drew a stroke under my cheekbones and brought it up my temples.

The pack comes with a little brush, which I had expected which is surprisingly useable. It’s helps get a light flush of colour on the skin, though of course I prefer to use a fluffier fuller blush brush.

Rockateur has the most amazing texture; smooth, soft and almost damp. It also has a lovely scent, something like rosewater (correct me if I’m wrong though, I’m not too good with scents).

Rockateur is also a good deal more pigmented than Coralista, that’s for sure but it’s still going to be very difficult to overapply, unless you really buff it in (like I did in my photo). But this isn’t going to be anything than a highlight for darker skintones. (As always, Benefit seems to be created for fair skinned women.)

It’s basically quite a fool-proof blush, and brown-based blushes just don’t get enough love. They’re a necessity in every makeup collection because they’re the kinds of blushes you pull out when you don’t know what to use, and if you had to pick one brown-based blush, I’d recommend Rockatuer. Yes, even over my beloved MAC Warm Soul. Rockateur’s deeper tones means that it’s slightly more versatile, and can be used as a contour colour even for medium skintones.

And of course longevity. I find that I really need to buff Rockateur into my skin in order to ensure it stays there. If I simply brush it on, it’ll start fading around the five hour mark (and this is with me mostly in air-conditioned rooms). If I buff it in, it’ll start fading at about seven hours. But then, blushes never last very long on me.

Cost: SGD48 and USD28 (Benefit’s markups in Singapore are ridiculous, I prefer not to purchase anything unless there’s a sale going on, but I’d recommend Rockateur whether or not there’s a sale)
Does it work: It’s a beautiful rose gold blush which gives your skin a wonderful glow the more you buff it in. It’s also really difficult to overapply so this is kind of a foolproof blush. Rockateur lasts about five hours on me, seven if I buff in a lot of product. (Note that blushes never last very long on me, oily cheeks + hot humid climate)
Would I recommend it: If you have a light or medium skin tone, I say yes! If you have darker skin, Rockateur would be more like a highlight colour for you, and it would be a pretty pricey highlight colour. Do note that it has a pretty strong scent. Personally I love the scent but if it’s not for you then don’t get it.

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6 Responses to Product Rave: Benefit Rockateur

  1. Juvy says:

    I love the tiny shimmers this gives! Do you have Hervana too? I love it as well. 🙂

  2. Jules says:

    I do like that Satin finish.
    Also Benefit has the cutest packaging. I’ve always loved that about the brand.

  3. Amria says:

    The finish is really nice and so is the packaging, the product inside is well displayed, that alone makes me want it hehe! This is perfect for you ❤

    • natziwang says:

      Lots of people complain about the cardboard box, saying it was cheap looking, but I personally prefer it. It’s lighter and is less likely to break. And thank you!

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