Day 1 of Naked 3 Challenge


Hey all! I’ve had my Naked 3 Palette for a bit, but haven’t been all that adventurous with it.

So I’ve decided collaborate with my friend Hanis on a series of makeup posts. Check out her look (and photos of her cousin’s beautiful wedding) here! She’s got three weddings to attend for the next couple of days, so we’ve agreed to use the Naked 3 palette three times during that period. Also, she’s amazing with art and craft, and has been doing all sorts of great things for the wedding decorations; just check out her latest post on a DIY autumnal wreath.

Another caveat to with this collaboration is that we would give each other a challenge. And we have been cruel to each other.

Hanis admits that she doesn’t wear more than two eyeshadows most of the time (one all-over lid colour, and one highlight colour). I’ve challenged her to use at least three, hopefully four eyeshadows.

For me, she’s been equally cruel. As you may have been able to tell from my Lipstick tag post and various other tags, I’m the kind of person who’d rather stick with one eye look all the time (black eyeliner) rather than give up my lipsticks. I love my lip colours so much. And her challenge to me is to use only one lipstick colour – MAC Sandy B – for all three looks. 

My face fell and I pretty much looked like D=

I mean as much as I love the lipstick, my nudes phase is a very very recent thing, and I cannot see myself using it that often. I’ve already used it two days in a row, and was looking forward to trying out MAC Ravishing (a beautiful light coral) but. *whine*

So here’s my first look! I decided to use the browner tones in the palette because I’ve not really done that, and mostly played with the pink stuff. But yep, the brown tones are what makes the Naked 3 palette so useable, and they have a really nice mauvey undertone to them.

Also I was rushing for class, hence the lack of concealer despite the massive eyebags.

DSCN1023 DSCN1025 DSCN1027

Makeup used:

Eyes (except for Triptych, all the shades are from the Naked 3 palette)

1) I first used Liar (warm medium brown with red undertones) all over the lid
2) I then used Factory (darker brown with red undertones) as a contour colour on the outer third of the eye
3) I then used Darkside (purple taupe) in the crease of my eye
4) I used Strange (matte white with pink undertones) as a highlight colour on my brow bone
5) And because I’ve been neglecting this colour, I used OCC Triptych (24k jewellery gold) on the lower lashline
6) I used the Maybelline Rocket mascara on my upper lashline


1) I used the Painted Earth Skincare Mineral Powder Foundation
2) I then used MAC Dainty (pale cool pink) on my cheeks for the loveliest flush


And of course, as per the challenge, I used Sandy B on the lips.


Argh the eyebags. But I can’t get over how nice and flushed my cheeks look! I need to stop disparaging pink blushes and use them more often.

– – –

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5 Responses to Day 1 of Naked 3 Challenge

  1. Kate's Beauty Book says:

    Hurray! You finally got your hands on the Naked 3 palette 😀 Love the look, by the way 🙂

  2. Jules says:

    One lip color? Very nice twist for this challenge 😀
    I love your use of gold on this look!

    • natziwang says:

      Thanks! Got inspired by how Chrissie on Temptalia always has a beautiful vibrant colour on her lower lashline or waterline. And yes, one lip colour. D= I don’t know how I’m going to do this.

  3. I’ve been lusting after this for too long. In time, it will be bought and loved, I’m sure.

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