A Trip to the Barber

I’ve been meaning to do well, something, to my hair for a while. I’ve known I wanted to get it cut, and I’ve really really missed my green hair, but I thought I’d try a different colour.

I booked an appointment with a hair salon I’ve never been to – Shunji Matsuo at Holland Village (near Wendy’s, on the second floor), and trooped down this morning. For anyone interested, here are the prices:


First, I got my hair cut.


It’s already fairly short as you know, so it kinda stunned me that there was still that hair left to be cut off.


This is how it looked like in the morning.


The end result. Basically cropped at the back, with a longer fringe, lots of layers for volume.

And then on to the bleaching and dyeing.

Just note: I foolishly didn’t realise that if your hair needs to be bleached twice, they’d charge you $65 (or however long your hair is which changes the price) x2 and so on. This was significantly pricer than the cost for me to do my last hair job at Essensuals (the Orchard Central branch). Also note that my hair’s a lot shorter than it previously was, and I don’t remember paying more than $200 for a cut, bleach and dye. This whole job (as much as I love love love the service I got, and how great the hairdresser was) was $310. I do get to go back for a free touchup in about a month though.

I was lucky that the hairdresser was accommodating enough when he heard my pleas about cost and said that he would try using a stronger bleach on my hair to lift the colour, so I’d only have to bleach once (and not to have to pay twice for bleaching). Thank goodness my hair’s not that stubborn, and bleaches fairly easily.


 Such strange blondness.


My hair from the side. I really really love the volume these layers give.


An attempt to photograph myself in bad lighting.


So here’s how it looks! I love this purple.


With flash.


Here’s a photo with me and the awesome hairdresser who did my hair, Jack! He’s got a coloured fringe too, heh.

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8 Responses to A Trip to the Barber

  1. Pat says:

    Awesome new cut and color!

  2. Jules says:

    Wow! I admire you for being so adventurous with your hairstyles! My hair is like a safety blanket and I’m really afraid to do anything crazy to it, like cutting it past shoulder length…yes, that’s crazy to me 😛
    So fun!

    • natziwang says:

      My hair’s been a safety blanket for a while, which is why I’m challenging myself to cut it. =) I’m having so much fun in the process! Thinking of trying micro bangs next.

  3. tanicr says:

    So cool! And so much fun! Brave I would say! 🙂 you look beautiful xx

  4. LFFL says:

    I love the purple in your hair on your bangs. Cute!

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