Rose Gold


Urgh. As always, selfies are blurry. 

I was actually going to go with a nice bright coral face for today. Then I woke up and saw rain clouds outside. It hasn’t rained in so long, so I changed my makeup to celebrate. Well not really, but I did want a look that better reflected the stormy weather.

I still stuck with the combination of eyeshadows I wanted to use – layering the MAC Ripe for Love blush (an orange coral) on top of Maybelline Inked in Pink 24 Hour Tattoo (a frosty cool pink). I’ve been meaning to do this for a while. Inked in Pink is a lovely colour, but waaaay too cool-toned for my liking so I wanted to use the orange blush to warm it up. (I’ve previously used Ripe for Love as an eyeshadow and blush for a monochromatic look.) I then used plenty of browns to create a smoky look. 

DSCN1096 DSCN1097


Could have used more blending. Meh. 

Anyway, the makeup used. I used two palettes here – my Urban Decay Theodora palette and the Laura Mercier Artist’s Palette for Eyes 2013 Holiday Edition.




1) I first patted a sheer layer of Maybelline Inked in Pink 24 Hour Tattoo (a frosty cool pink) on the lids
2) I then used MAC Ripe for Love (orange coral satin blush) on top to warm up the pink tones
3) I used Urban Decay Beware (matte medium caramel brown) on the crease, blending it out (but obviously not enough =( )
4) I then used Urban Decay West (deep brown with reddish undertones) on the outer eye
5) I then lined my eyes with Makeup Forever Gypsy (a reddish brown eye pencil) 
6) Taking Laura Mercier Fresco (matte medium brown) in a pencil brush, I blended out the eye pencil
7) I used Urban Decay Broken (matte white beige) on the brow bone as a highlight colour 
8) I lined my waterline with a eggshell white eyeliner (it didn’t work very well)
9) I finished with using the Painted Earth SuperCurl mascara


1) I used Maybelline BB Watergel 
2) I then used Benefit Cha-Cha Tint (coral cheek tint with the prettiest dewy finish) on my cheek
3) I used Benefit Rockateur as a contour colour
4) I finished it off with a dusting of my Guerlain powder (now discontinued)


1) I used Revlon Rosegold (rose gold coloured lipgloss) 



I dunno how or why I suddenly got a white stripe in my hair. Love it though. Unfortunately it’s not real. 

I was wearing a denim dress – I love the pointed bit of the bodice, it makes me feel like a princess! – and the Lip Service Industrial Mesh Vest (swapped it for a cameo hoodie when it got cold though). 


Took this photo by accident – like I said, the camera is extremely sensitive to hand movement and I think I shifted before it captured the photo. I love it.

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