Metallic Orange


This one was inspired by Rae Morris’ Express Makeup book again. This one was called pastel bomb – I don’t get why, she used a lot of metallics and the oranges she picked out weren’t that pastel either. And of course, it looks radically different from my look ‘cos I’m not that tan. Click on the image for a closer view if you like.


I did keep most of the makeup the same, though because I don’t have monolids I decided to go with a heavier eyeliner in order to get more definition.


I especially love the way the whites and creams blend with the orange red.


Makeup used:DSCN1190    DSCN1181

I used Laura Mercier Expresso Bean (blackened brown) to fill in my brows, which I then set with petroleum jelly.


Urban Decay Broken (matte cream)

DSCN1186 DSCN1189

From my Coastal Scents 48 Shade Double Stack palette, I’ve used a metallic red orange.


1) I used the metallic orange shade from my Coastal Scents 48 Shade Double Stack Palette (see swatch above), patting it heavily over my eyelid, and applying it in an almost triangular shape, taking care to lift it up in the outer edge of my eye to lift my eyes
2) I then applied Urban Decay Broken (matte cream) on the inner third of the eye, blending it into the orange
3) I then used a MAC Fascinating (white kohl) to the inner third of my eye
4) I took a reddish brown eye pencil and lined my lower lashes, blending it out then mixing it with my orange red eyeshadow (this was a mistake, should have applied the red eyeshadow first and then the eyeliner)
5) I applied that same brown eye pencil to my upper lashline, winging it out slightly at the end, and then setting it with Laura Mercier Expresso Bean
6) I used Benefit They’re Real! mascara on my lashes, focusing on layering it on the outer third of my eye to keep that winged effect


1) I applied Benefit Girl With Pearl liquid illuminator with my moisturizer (Kiehl’s Blue Moisturizer) and applied this all over my face
2) I then applied Laura Mercier Expresso Bean (blackened brown) to my eye brows with an angled brush, filling them in until I got beautiful full brows
3) I buffed my MAC Mineralize Loose Foundation all over my face
4) I used MAC Ripe for Love (orange coral) as a blush
5) I then dusted MAC Soft and Gentle (champagne shimmer) on top of the blush to get a metallic finish
6) I set everything with Hourglass Diffused Light 


1) I used MAC Pure Flatter(peach lip gloss) on my lips


What do you think?

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12 Responses to Metallic Orange

  1. Rae says:

    I want this book, and another another one by Rae Morris, titled quick looks

    • natziwang says:

      Quick looks is lifted entirely from Express Makeup, though it’s just the looks section and cuts out all the tips she gives for your brushes, prepping and others. I own both Makeup: The Ultimate Guide and Express Makeup, and I’ve flipped through and read reviews of her other books. I’ll say Express Makeup is the updated version of Makeup: The Ultimate Guide, so if you have to get only one get it. =)

  2. Jules says:

    Maybe the glossy page made it look less pastel?lol
    Anyway, Love color of the eyeshadow ❤

  3. Olivia says:

    I sound like a broken record but the contrast of the orange and purple is so perfect ♥

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