The heck does ‘City Girl Chic’ mean anyway?


Today’s look is another one inspired by one of the looks in Rae Morris’ book, Express Makeup. It’s called ‘Trés Chic’, and is described as a look for stylish city girls. I feel more like a country bumpkin trying to imitate this look.

Today’s one of those days when my hair’s not satisfactory – it’s really flat for some strange reason. Also none of my photos came out right. The ones where I liked my expression came out blurry, and the ones I didn’t like so much came out sharp. Urgh.



Trying to look sultry, but I think I look more sleepy than anything. X| My hair doesn’t seem to have much volume today either. Anyways, at least I look fresh and glowy.


Anyway, I kept mostly to the instructions, even curling my eyelashes *gasp*, but I’ve changed a couple of things. For instance, the look apparently calls for a plum or berry lipstick. I’ve examined the photos for too long (especially since I need to be doing my essays) but it does not look plum to me. It looks coral. It looks like a beautiful glossy coral and I’m sorry Rae Morris either you made a mistake here or the person doing the post edits for your work really screwed up and turned the berry lipstick you used into coral but it looks coral and that is why I’m wearing MAC Ravishing.

Makeup used



1) I first applied MAC Prep + Prime Eye in Light, a creamy eye primer a shade lighter than my skin all over my lid
2) I then applied Laura Mercier Bamboo, a shimmery taupe with more grey than brown undertones all over my lid with a fluffy brush, bringing it up to my crease
3) I then applied Laura Mercier Fresco, a light matte red brown to center of my lid patting it into place.
4) I applied Laura Mercier Sparkling Dew, a pale offwhite with a little shimmer to the brow bone
5) I took an angled liner brush and applied Urban Decay Oz (from the UD Glinda palette) a silver microglitter to the inner thirds of the eye
6) I curled my lashes with my cheap supermarket curler
7) I then applied Benefit They’re Real! mascara liberally to my upper and lower lashes


1) I used my MAC Mineralize Loose Powder and buffed it into my face with a Kabuki brush (overapplied a little here though)
2) I then used the pink blush from the Painted Earth Bronze Complete Face Palette to give a beautiful rosy flush on the cheeks. I still don’t know how to describe this pink; it’s like a warm pink with brown undertones, and that’s what makes it so different from all the other pinks on the markets which are either very blue-based or red-based.
3) I used MAC Soft and Gentle (champagne shimmer) on my cheeks for a little extra glow
4) I then used Hourglass Diffused Light Ambient Lighting Powder, dusting it lightly on the face
5) I spritzed some water on the face to take down the powderiness


1) I applied a sheer layer of MAC Ravishing, an orange coral on the lips. I just wanted some colour on my lips, not too much to get it outright orange. I find patting some petroleum jelly on the lips before applying the lipstick really helps in sheering out the colour

And there you have it, my city girl chic look. What do you think? I really liked using the angled liner brush on the inner third of the eye (as advised by the book) which of course gives a lot more precision than using a pencil brush, which is what I usually do.

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10 Responses to The heck does ‘City Girl Chic’ mean anyway?

  1. Amria says:

    I . Want. This. Face. As. Creepy. As. It. Sounds.

  2. Jules says:

    Camera timer girl!
    I like that shimmer in the inner corner

    • natziwang says:

      What about the camera timer? Yes, I love it too!

      • Jules says:

        Do you hold your camera when you take your pictures?..because everytime I do that, my pictures are almost always blurry.. so I just put it down on a table or a stack or whatever stable items I can find and set the timer or use a remote.

      • natziwang says:

        Ahhhh. I’ll try it out, but I seem to be getting steadier with my hand! Also there are very specific spots in the room with decent lighting so it’s hard to take photos =(

  3. nhieubeauty says:

    The highlighter on the inner corners look amazing, girl

  4. That lip color suits you perfectly! Great color combination with your eyeshadow!
    Would you mind checking out my blog?

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