Sleek and OCC haul!

Hooray, I have new lovely things to play with. ❤ I got hold of a couple of OCC lip tars, Yaoi and Super NSFW. Also two Sleek palettes, the Sunset and Bad Girl palette.


Yaoi is a bright bright fuchsia pink, while Super NSFW is a red with gold sparkle.


The Sunset palette has a lot more warmer tones than this, I don’t know why it turned out so purple here. DSCN1503

The Bad Girl palette is full of smoky blues and greens. ❤ For someone who professes to love a lot of colour I have a sad lack of blue eyeshadows.

Can’t wait to play around with these.

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13 Responses to Sleek and OCC haul!

  1. Looks nice! I recently got my first OCC Lip Tar and really like it 🙂

  2. Jules says:

    Awesome haul!!
    Those palettes look so good. Have fun playing with them 🙂

  3. Amria says:

    Oh my these palettes are SO BEAUTIFUL ❤ you can do fun daytime spring looks and smokey ones too

  4. V says:

    Can you say “jealous”? I just got my first lip tar and I love it!

    • natziwang says:

      Wheee. =) What colour did you get?

      • V says:

        I think you just saw this, but Hush. Have you tried many of their lighter pink colors? I just got this one and I’m already thinking of buying another

      • natziwang says:

        I’m afraid not! Most of my lip colours tend to be bolder. I find Triptych (molten gold) a great mixing colour, and also looks really good on top of a red lip. Authentic is also a beautiful, hard to dupe colour; it’s a bronze with orange shimmer that looks great. And Clockwork is always a staple of mine. =D

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