All-Natural Skin

Today’s makeup was achieved with the few all-natural brands that I own – ie. stuff that is marketed to have no parabens, be good for your skin etc. If you’re interested in this kind of makeup, check out Stephanie’s blog at She’s So Eco.


It’s still a little hard to get hold of these kinds of eco-friendly mineral type brands in Singapore and they tend to be so pricey. (I still wish Painted Earth would find a supplier here though I love their stuff so much.)

This look is ridiculously easy and simple. Take a little eyeliner, smudge it, highlight the inner corners of your eye. (I used Jane Iredale Mystikol in Dark Topaz).  Add mascara (Painted Earth SuperCurl mascara), foundation (various products used include Jane Iredale’s primer, tinted moistuirizer and pressed powder) and blush (I used Hourglass’s Mood Light, actually an all-over face powder but buffed it in with a kabuki). Finish off with gloss. I used Painted Earth’s Mauve Baby Hint of Mint lipgloss. 


Various makeup used to achieve the look.DSCN1573 DSCN1574

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One Response to All-Natural Skin

  1. Amria says:

    Your skin looks like baby skin, it seems so fresh *_*

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