Ellana Mineral Cosmetics Haul

Do you Filipinos know how lucky you are to have Ellana Cosmetics and Happy Skin? Do you? Thank goodness I have friends who can help me purchase things I want. It’s a little frustrating that I can’t get foundations though, Ellana Cosmetics has a huge range of powders and I really feel like I need to swatch them to check if they’re too warm-toned for my skin. If any friends familiar with the brand can please suggest which foundation I should take (loose powder and pressed powder please) I would be very grateful.

Anyways, Ellana Mineral Cosmetics is a Filipino brand that has such wonderful mineral makeup and SO CHEAP. This haul was SGD47, for a full-sized angled liner brush (because you can never have too many of them, this is my third), the Revive Concealer/Corrector Loose Mineral Powder, the Diva Lip and Cheek Palette, and the Illusion Lip and Cheek Palette.

DSCN1723 DSCN1724


Swatches for the Diva and Illusion Lip and Cheek Palette. It’s this gel-like substance that you can double up as a blush and colour. Diva is ‘copper bronze shimmer’ and Illusion is ‘watermelon peach with gold shimmer’. Can’t wait to try this out.

The Revive concealer is this orangey almost terracotta brick kind of colour, and I was thinking ‘crap, this is never going to work on my skin tone’. Then I patted just a little on my eyelids and like magic, my dark circles are gone. I think I’m in love.

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11 Responses to Ellana Mineral Cosmetics Haul

  1. Pat says:

    Ooooh you got some! I’m so in love with this brand right now. Just in time for summer as I can’t use anything liquid on the face anymore, thankfully the Ellana powder foundation stays even through sweating!

    Haven’t tried Happy skin yet personally, but I would love to get some. The lippies are much raved about!

    • natziwang says:

      Which shade would you recommend I get from Ellana?

      I really want to try the Happy Skin Second Skin creme thing, the BB cream I’m currently using still has silicon in it. And of course yes, their lip pencils. XD

  2. Amria says:

    They look great šŸ™‚ enjoy ā¤

  3. Carina says:

    Would be happy to send you Happy Skin stuff. šŸ™‚

    • natziwang says:

      Hee. Thanks for the offer. =D friend’s going back for her graduation ceremony soon though so she’ll be picking stuff up from me. Are you familiar with the Ellana foundations? Still trying to figure out my shade!

  4. Juvy says:

    Try the Happy Skin Don’t Get Mad, Get Even Hydrating Liquid Foundation. šŸ™‚

  5. isea says:

    Hi! Just stumbled on your blog while looking for reviews on Ellana’s concealers. I think you can order the free sampler kit; it comes with all 10 foundation shades and some of their other powders. You only have to pay the shipping fee, so am not exactly sure how much that is for Singapore, but they do offer international shipping. Maybe you can order that and include a few other “skintone safe” products (like eyeshadows or blush) to make the most of your delivery. šŸ™‚

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