Another Dark Smoky Look


So I’ve been having exams and studying and I haven’t really used much makeup over the last couple of weeks. I went out to a poetry reading thing tonight, so I decided to spend a little more time on my makeup, given that I hardly wear any these days. And I also realised that I’ve been doing vampy looks every time I do use makeup these days. I’ll try to expand things a little.

Room was darkish, camera takes a little longer to get sufficient light to get nice photos, and everything ends up looking blurry. Sigh.

I’m actually only using a loose powder in this one. Skin’s improved somewhat over the last few days, so I don’t feel the need to cover up with lots of makeup anymore. I used the Jane Iredale Amazing Base Loose Finishing Powder for this. It’s not great coverage, but it works. 


I’m seriously annoyed with how the camera catches all the lip smudges that I don’t see in front of the mirror. D=


1) MAC Groundwork (matte brown cream) patted on the lid as a base
2) I used Urban Decay Beware (matte caramel brown) on the lid
3) I used Urban Decay West (red-brown satin) on the outer third of the eye and crease, as well as my lower lashline
4) I used Urban Decay Broken (matte off white cream) in the crease to blend out West
5) For added shimmer, I used Urban Decay Chopper (orange-toned brown with gold shimmer) on the lid
6) I took an angled liner brush and used Urban Decay Spell (yellow-toned gold) and lined my inner thirds of the eye
7) I used MAC Dark Diversion (deep purple gel liner) to line my upper lashlines
8) I then used Benefit They’re Real! mascara on my lashes for magical curl and drama
9) I defined my brows with Laura Mercier Expresso Bean (blackened brown black)


1) I used the Jane Iredale Amazing Base loose powder
2) For the cheeks I used Benefit Rockaeteur (rose gold) on my cheeks. I then used MAC Warm Soul (beigey bronze with gold pearl) for extra glow on the apples of my cheeks
3) I then set everything with my Guerlain Translucent Compact Powder 


1) First I patted OCC Super NSFW (ruby red with gold shimmer)
2) Then I layered OCC Black Dahlia (blackened berry) on top 


Urgh you can see all the pimples in that one. But the gold shimmer on the inner third of the eyes is more apparent here!

Any recommendations on what I should try next? Getting a little tired of all the vampiness. XD

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5 Responses to Another Dark Smoky Look

  1. Olivia says:

    It took me half a second to realize that I needed OCC Black Dahlia RIGHT NOW. Gorgeous look and I love how it pairs with your hair! Nice to see your posts in my feed again 🙂

  2. Your hair looks so much better now! I love the part. And the gold shimmer :O

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