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Orange Crush (and updates)

Yesterday was one of those days where nothing was working right; my hair was in a mess, my photographs wouldn’t turn out right and my acne was showing, and the photographs where I was smiling just made my smile look… … Continue reading

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In Search For an Orange Lip

Doing makeup this morning was a huge pain. I woke up and found a new cluster of acne on my face (I am sorry to admit that all photos below have been touched up with the spot healing tool on … Continue reading

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Cat Eye

When I was doing this makeup I wanted something simple, but with still some kick to it. A cat eye and a subtle cut crease did the job. I don’t usually use liquid liners. I almost always reach out for a … Continue reading

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I couldn’t come up with a better title for this one. My friend and I were talking about the kinds of hairstyle we want (I said I wanted thick choppy bangs with mermaid-length hair in loose waves, she wanted a … Continue reading

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Summer Crush

Hi. So it’s been a while since I’ve done a FOTD post. The weather in Singapore has been insanely warm over the last few weeks. I haven’t been going out much, because I had all four of my wisdom teeth taken … Continue reading

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Product rave: Happy Skin Second Skin Creme Silicon Free Foundation

This is the fabled Second Skin Créme Silicon Free Foundation from Happy Skin Cosmetics. It is also my new love.  My friend Valeri recently moved from the Philippines to Singapore, and before she did, I begged her to pick up some stuff … Continue reading

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Clinique Haul!

Hey all, I’m finally back! I’ve been so busy with debate tournaments for the whole of May, and when I sat down meaning to do a giant update, I couldn’t find the cable to my digital camera. Anyways, I’ve found … Continue reading

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