Silver Rose


(Title based off the earrings I’m wearing. Bah, I didn’t fill in my eyebrows today but I gelled them down, didn’t realise they’d look like there’s a bald spot from that angle.)

The summer’s over, school’s started. and I’ve moved back to school, which means it is now easier for me to do regular updates on this blog since I can camwhore as much as I want in the comfort of my bedroom. (Have I mentioned how much I love having my own room?) Also, my mom took me to the dermatologist (for the first time in my life) last week who prescribed me various creams, and my skin’s finally starting to clear up.

I was experimenting with the lighting in my room a lot for this one because I’ve been placed in a new room and the sun’s coming in from a completely different place. It’s a cross between this place where I get amazing light that makes my skin glow but with a bad background I am constantly cropping out (see above two photos), or in a place with not as great lighting, but against a plain white background (see below).    DSCN2270

I did a frosty silver blue look with the Sleek Bad Girl palette, mixing in a little of Urban Decay Oz (silver glitter) from the Urban Decay Glinda palette, and then used Urban Decay Tease (matte taupe brown) from the Naked 2 palette in the crease in order to get some depth after all that shimmer. I lined my eyes with Bobbi Brown Twilight Night Shimmer Ink (blackened plum) and used the Painted Earth SuperCurl Mascara.

On the face, I used the Happy Skin Second Skin Creme Foundation (I am currently halfway through this and am very sad because I will miss it very much when I’m done with it). I dusted the Jane Iredale Amazing Base loose powder on top for more pigmentation and to matte down the skin. I then used the L’Oreal Baby Blossom Blush, a matte cool baby pink on the cheeks. I highlighted my cheekbones with MAC Soft and Gentle (champagne shimmer).

On the lips, I used Bobbi Brown Pot Rogue in Rose for a rosy stain, and then layered Bobbi Brown Firefly, a dazzling white on top to lighten the colour and give it some shimmer. 



Also, I took this one by accident, and I love how my hair turned out.

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5 Responses to Silver Rose

  1. MsAidyl says:

    i loveeeee your hair colour!

  2. MsAidyl says:

    i loveeeee your hair colour!

  3. Juvy says:

    Nat, there’s International Shipping for Happy Skin. I am just not sure how much it is. You can check it here: 🙂

    • natziwang says:

      There is but it’s about $30 and I can’t justify doing it! I hope to get to visit Manila again some time soon. Thank you for the headsup though! I really want to try their ZZ creams.

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