A Mermaid in Grief

If you follow my Facebook page, you might have noticed that I’ve been taking a lot of selfies with a blonde wig recently, and been trying different styles of makeup with it.

Last week I finally got the shoot done! I’ve been planning this one for the last three months, but have been busy with many things and haven’t been able to down to it.

The pearl headpiece, earrings and multi-strand necklace is from Lovisa, the ring is a real pearl ring that was my grandaunt’s, and the dagger is a loan from a friend. His dad bought it when he was doing the haj in Mecca. 12 1

Check out my Facebook Page for the rest of the shoot!

In Hans Christian Anderson’s original fairytale The Little Mermaid, the mermaid was basically on a deadline; she would turn into the foam of the sea the day after her prince married another. In the story (unlike the Disney movie), the prince did fall in love with another woman, without any enchantment, and he did marry her. The grieving mermaid wanders the barge of the wedding ship at night, thinking of how she will turn to foam the next morning. All of a sudden, her sisters appear in the waves, their hair cut short, and they toss her a dagger. They tell her that they traded their hair with the sea witch for that dagger, and if the mermaid plunges it into the prince’s breast and lets his blood wash over her, her legs will turn back into a tail and she can return to the sea to be with her sisters again.

Clearly, I couldn’t get hold of a barge but this story was the inspiration for the shoot. I wanted to capture the struggle she faced – to kill the prince who betrayed her love and return to her family, or to allow herself to die?

I’ve arranged the photographs hopefully in an order that tells a coherent story. Thank you so much Tanlin Photography for executing this vision with me.

Makeup was extremely Game of Thrones inspired (soft angelic eyes and heavily contoured face), and the facial expressions rather Daenerys Targaryen. I love how it came out for the shoot. 

Invaluable resources:

Inspiration for the shoot I fell in love with the evocative mood and colour tones of this shoot.

Michelle Phan’s Daenerys Targaryen Look I followed the steps she did for the eye makeup.

Game of Thrones Hair and Makeup Tutorial This emphasized how contouring and highlighting was essential for the look, and talked about how the eyes were very soft and angelic despite the harshness of the rest of the face. I tried to follow that.

Products used:

Eyeshadows are mostly from the Laura Mercier Artist’s Holiday Palette for Eyes 2012 Edition and the Urban Decay Theodora palette.

Eyebrows – Essence Eyebrow Designer, MAC Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set in Red Chestnut

Eyelids – MAC Prep + Prime for Eye in Light, Laura Mercier Primrose (lid), Laura Mercier Fresco (crease), Urban Decay Broken (crease), Urban Decay Bewitched (crease), Laura Mercier Truffle (outer third of eye), Urban Decay Zero (upper lashline), MAC Dazzlelight (highlight middle of eye)

Face – Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation in Beige 3, Ellana Mineral Cosmetics Loose Powder Fuondation in Café Breve, Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Mood Light

Cheeks – MAC Soft and Gentle (highlighting tops of cheekbones), Laura Mercier Fresco and Urban Decay Broken (contours)

Lips – Revlon Pink Truffle Lip Butter, Revlon Rosegold Lip Gloss

– – –

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