Purple Meets Orange

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Maybe because it’s raining but I like to pretend that we are now transitioning to fall which means I can switch over to fall makeup. This means, warmer browner tones (I love adding orange and gold accents), bringing out the plum and berry lipsticks and blushes.

Today’s look was again inspired by Fall runway makeup again, this is the third one in a row.


As inspired by Zimmermann Fall 2014 Fashion Week. I love the colour of this coat, and how it matches the blush. ❤ Just how everything comes together in this photo is beautiful.

I toned down the orangeness of the blush because I don’t have the orange coat to pull everything together. Also I supposed I should have used a stronger peach eyeshadow, but I was pretty happy with the overall look, clean and neat.

Makeup used

1) I used Urban Decay Illusion from the Glinda Palette (champagne gold with frosty finish)
2) I then lined my upper lashline with L’Oreal Super Liner Carbon Gloss
3) I used Maybelline Rocket Mascara on the lashes, and then brushed my eyebrows with the same mascara

1) I used Happy Skin Second Skin Creme Foundation
2) I then used Benefit Coralista (coral with golden sheen) and brushed it lightly on my cheeks for a subtle glow
3) I then dusted my face with Guerlain UV Shield 

1) I used Jordona Plush Plum Lip Liner (matte plum) on the lips
2) I then used MAC Viva Glam I Lipstick (matte brown red) and layered it on top of the plum

I did touch up my makeup later in the day though,  by just lining the Jordona Plush Plum Lip Liner on top, and it looked way closer to the reference photo.


Excuse the pixelated iPhone shot. But you kinda get the absolute beauty to this.


Also stopped by Sephora and swatched my eyeliners at the Urban Decay booth Look at all the pretty colours. It’s almost therapeutic, feeling the rich buttery feeling of the eyeliners as they glide on the skin and leave such beauty behind.

How does your makeup change during the fall? I’ll love to know!

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7 Responses to Purple Meets Orange

  1. lookbeyondbeauty says:
  2. Olivia says:

    I would legitimately kill to have your lips. They are perfect…#weirdcompliments
    And I agree, swatching is therapy ♥ Even if you leave the store with nothing…:D

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