Radiant Orchid Cheeks + Pink Glossy Lids

DSCN2686 copy

Next up in a series of makeup looks inspired by Fall 2014 Runways: this is from the opening ceremony of New York Fashion Week.


Image from Harper’s Baazar

‘Radiant Orchid’ cheeks, and pink glossy lids. Groomed, but not overly groomed brows, a strong blush. The skin looks powdered and matte, as are the eyes.

Earlier this year, I used a Maybelline Brazen Berry lipstick to get a radiant orchid (the colour of the year!) lip. I’m using it again today as a cream blush, since I don’t have an extensive number of blushes. I also swiped some lipgloss on my lids; I chose a MAC Lipglass since they’re tackier and last longer. Because I’ve been using Vaseline on my eyelids which were cracked and dry in the last few weeks, the sensation isn’t entirely unfamiliar or uncomfortable. Still gets annoying when my hair sticks to it though. 

DSCN2698 copy

Makeup used

1) I used Happy Skin Second Skin Creme Foundation for the face
2) I then used Maybelline Brazen Berry Lipstick (radiant orchid)
3) I dusted Guerlain UV shield translucent powder to make everything beautifully matte, which draws attention to the eyes

1) I used bareMinerals Smash Hit (matte peach pink) on the lids
2) I then used MAC Baby Blooms Lipglass (peachy pink with gold shimmer) on top to get the glossy lids
3) I finished up with Painted Earth SuperCurl Mascara for light definition
4) I also brushed some Vaseline through my eyebrows to set them

1) I applied a very small amount of MAC Mehr, a matte warm medium pink lipstick

DSCN2702 copy

A couple of hours into wearing a glossy eye, and I’m starting to feel irritated about it already. My hair’s been sticking to my lids. But then I catch sight of the warm prettiness of the lids (not too much creasing as of yet) and I can’t help but feel happy, hee.

Happy Monday all!

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