Chinese Doll

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Not to be confused with my previous post, ‘China Doll‘. 

Makeup for today.

I pulled out my denim cheongsam, which I’ve not worn in a really long time, which is a pity, because it’s such a beautiful dress. Did a really simple look to go with it to bring out the Chineseness of the features and highlight the dress.

If you look at photographs of pin up girls or women wearing the cheongsam, eye makeup is always kept simple. Eyeshadow (if used at all) isn’t really discernible, but the thick eyeliner (upper lashline only) and lashes are there to define the eyes. Eyebrows are perfectly groomed, usually with a pretty defined arch. And the focus of the look is always on the lips, which are always round and full, and painted a bright colour.

I used a stronger blush than I would normally do to get the doll-like image for this look. Also skipped using white eyeliner for the lower lashline.


Image from here 

Lipsticks are just great.

DSCN2725 copy

Makeup used

Eyes (eyeshadows from the Naked 2 palette)
1) I first applied UD Bootycall (shimmery beige with peach undertones) all over the lid
2) I then applied UD YDK (cool brown) on the outer third of the eye
3) I then used MAC Dark Diversion (deep purple matte gel liner) for the upper lashline. I smudged some on the lower lashline too
4) I used Soap & Glory Thick and Fast mascara for the upper lashes, and then to define and set the brows

1) I used Happy Skin Second Skin Creme Foundation as a base
2) I dusted Ellena Cafe Breve Loose Mineral Powder on top
3) I then used Benefit Rockateur (rose gold) as a contour
4) I then used MAC Gleeful (strawberry red) on the cheeks as a deep red blush

1) I used OCC Super NSFW (red with gold shimmer) on the lips
2) I used OCC Authentic (bronze with orange shimmer) and patted it very lightly on the middle of the lower lip for a metallic sheen

Is this a makeup look you’ll try?

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  1. Juvy says:

    You really like a doll! 😀

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