Sunshine and Meadows


I woke up this morning and asked a friend (male too) “Inspire me. What kind of makeup should I have today”. The response I got was “something happy. Think sunshine and meadows. Something not goth.” My immediate mental reply was “meeeeeh but I went down the angelic pink route yesterday alreaaaaady”. But then, I started thinking more about ‘sunshine and meadows’, and the little pot (what do you call a single eyeshadow? Pot? Pan?) of MAC Humid my friend was playing with the day before and said was a gross colour. I defended it but frankly, haven’t really used the shadow very much. This seemed like the perfect opportunity!


Here’s a closeup of the eye makeup. As you can see, I’ve used mostly yellow and green, though you can see a hint of orange and brown at the end. 

Makeup used

1) I applied the yellow eyeshadow from the Sleek Sunset iDivide palette (I love this shade, it’s rich and applies so so smoothly)
2) I then used the orange shade from the same palette and applied a tiny amount to the outer third of the eye
3) Taking Laura Mercier Truffle from the Laura Mercier 2013 Holidy Artist’s Eye Palette, a matte warm wood brown and applied a little bit again to the outer third, blending slightly into the crease
4) I used MAC Humid (smoky forest green) and applied that into the crease
5) I used Soap & Glory Thick and Fast mascara on my eyebrows to tame them
6) I used Painted Earth SuperCurl Mascara on my lashes 

1) I used the Jane Iredale Glowtime BB for a soft glowing base
2) I used The Body Shop Concealer Stick to conceal any other redness
3) I used MAC Ripe for Love (satin orange coral) on the apples of my cheeks
4) I then used MAC Soft and Gentle (champagne shimmer) on the cheekbones as a highlighter
5) I used Hourglass Mood Light Ambient Lighting Powder (pale pink powder) on my entire face

1) I used OCC Clockwork (orange cream) on my lips
2) I then applied OCC Androgyne (translucent orange gel) on top
3) I then applied MAC Spring Bean (translucent apple green with gold sparkles) to keep with the sunshine and meadow theme, and also to give some texture to the lip (it was previously really matte and contrasted weirdly with the shimmery eyelid colour) 


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One Response to Sunshine and Meadows

  1. lqtang says:

    The yellow eyeshadow looks so good with your hair!

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