Silver Ballerina


This Monday’s makeup was, ironically, inspired inspired by Byrdie’s ‘3 Easy (But Totally Chic) Makeup Looks To Try This Weekend. The point of the article was to give inspiration for makeup styles that are more adventurous and that you wouldn’t normally wear at work.

As with me, all such conventions go out of the window (though of course, the fact that I’m not working yet kinda helps).

I picked Look #2, ‘Minimalist Glow’. but of course, didn’t do an exact replica of what was in the look, but picked out my favourite bits. The instructions said to groom the brows, and use a dewy highlighter on the center of the lids and the inner corner of the eyes. Also, finish with a matte lilac lip.

Yea, I went with OCC Yaoi, an incredibly sparkly lilac pink that brings to mind Bobbi Brown’s High Shimmer Lip Gloss, and that went out of the window. I think Yaoi is my new favourite lip colour. DSCN2940I took this photograph in my camera’s macro mode so yo ucan really see the colour and texture of the eyeshadows. Also the incredible uneveness and redness of my skin. D= I swear, this camera captures all my flaws and magnifies it a million times.

Makeup used

1) I used Urban Decay Aura (iridescent white blue shimmer) and dusted this on my lids
2) I then used Urban Decay South (grey taupe) on the outer third of my eye for depth
3) I used MAC Feline (matte white kohl) to line the inner corners of my eye and blend this out. Using a white kohl is a really great way to subtly highlight specific areas of the face
4) I then used Maybelline Rocket mascara on my upper and lower lashes
5) I used the Painted Earth Glitter Pencil in Brown Spark (medium brown pencil, much lighter than those I usually use) on my upper lashline and the outer corners of my lower lashline
6) I combed Vaseline through my eyebrows to set them in place

1) I used Happy Skin Second Skin Creme Foundation
2) I then used Benefit High Beam (pearly liquid illuminator) which I used to highlight my nose, my brow bone and my cheekbones
3) I used Guerlain UV Shield Translucent powder to set everything

And there you go! A very simple statement look. =)

1) I used OCC Yaoi Lip Tar (metallic lilac pink) on my lips


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4 Responses to Silver Ballerina

  1. Olivia says:

    This look is perfect!! And I like the macro mode shot, it really shows off the look and your gorgeous lashes!

  2. lqtang says:

    Yaoi is so gorgeous! I want it, even though I have too many hot pinks already.

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