2 Looks in 1: A Bronzed Rose & Silver Tipped

Hello all. It’s been about a week since I updated, because I was sick most of last week and spent most of it rolling in bed. D=

Went to class today, and pulled up some really simple makeup for today. I think I finished it in less than ten minutes!

DSCN2989 copy

I love love shimmery cream eyeshadows for lazy days. They build so much depth, used alone or with an eyeshadow on top (I opted for the latter today). They are incredibly easy to apply too – just pat on with a ring finger. For today, I used Maybelline 24 Hour Eye Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze, a metallic warm bronze and one of my favourite eye creams.

Also, I’m finally starting to see a light at the end of my tunnel of incredibly bad skin! Should have gone to the dermatologist waaaaaay earlier. It’s been almost two months since my visit, and my constantly applying the products I’ve gotten. Differin Gel is a miracle worker, I swear. DSCN2995

Makeup used (bareMinerals eyeshadows from the quad The Next Big Thing)

1) I applied Maybelline Bad to the Bronze (metallic bronze) all over the lid with a finger
2) I then applied bareMinerals Hoopla (a lighter shimmery golden bronze) on top to lighten the colour.
3) I then applied bareMinerals Ensemble (matte purple) on the outer third of the eye and blended to get depth
4) I used Jane Iredale Mystikol Dark Topaz (dark golden brown) to line my upper lashline
5) I then used Painted Earth SuperCurl Mascara on the upper lashes for subte lashes

1) I used Happy Skin Second Skin Creme Foundation
2) I used the Clinique Ginger Pop blush, a reddish brown blush on my cheeks

1) I used the Sephora Infinite Rose Lip Cream, a rosy colour with gold shimmer. I forgot how beautiful this colour is.

DSCN2977 copy

The other look I wanted to share was what I did on Saturday. I was rushing, and really didn’t do very much, black eyeliner (UD Perversion), mascara, foundation, a dab of Clinique Ginger Pop on the cheeks and MAC Mehr on the lips. I did however, add a silver microshimmer – Urban Decay Oz – to the inner third of the eye to spice up the look. I love the extreme shimmer, definitely have got to do it again.

I’m headed to Sarawak for a week-long debate tournament in a couple of days, so I probably won’t be updating much. I promise to take as many pictures as possible! But before that, I have got to figure out *what* makeup to pack! I haven’t figured out what kind of running theme to my makeup am I going to be doing (yes I usually do this). I’m thinking neutral eyes with colourful lips (think pinks and corals and oranges) and rosy rosy cheeks. What do you all think?

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4 Responses to 2 Looks in 1: A Bronzed Rose & Silver Tipped

  1. Olivia says:

    Looks beautiful and I’m really glad about your skin!!

  2. Love the bronze shimmer! And the lipstick is a great everyday color. And the touch of purple in your hair is so chic! What product did you use to get that effect? 🙂 – Lena

    • natziwang says:

      Hey Lena! I got it bleached and dyed in a salon, but I have been touching it up with Maniac Panic Violet Night to get this colour. =) My entire fringe used to be purple, but since I’ve snipped it off, there’s just a touch of purple left now. Thanks for reading my blog!

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