All Over Rose


It’s surprising how quickly my bangs are growing out! I don’t think I’ll be going back to the microbangs anytime soon though, will probably stick to experimenting with various bobs and lobs as the hair slowly slowly grows out. I can’t wait to get it to shoulder length and try a sombre (yes it’s actually a real thing).

I really wish I could do OOTDs, but I still find it weird to ask random people to photograph my outfits, and I’m still shy about posing in public. =/ Anyways, today’s makeup is inspired by my outfit. It’s a maxi dress that I bought in from a flea a few weeks back. It’s beige polyester chiffon in the front which dips low in the front, and a black cotton jersey cut slightly shorter in the back. It made me think of soft romantic roses and beiges, which was what inspired the makeup.

Of course, when you think of roses and nudes, the first palette you’d go to would be Urban Decay Naked 3 (unless you have another palette you’d pull out, in which case, share in the comments!)

UD Naked 3

It took me a while to figure out which eyeshadow colours to pick out because I really haven’t used the palette in a while, and when that happens I usually feel the urge to use all the colours. The lip colour was tricky too. I was deliberating between a lighter coral (MAC Ravishing), a rosy brown (Bobbi Brown Nude Rose) and eventually settled for Soap & Glory Charm Offensive Sexy Mother Pucker lip gloss (not kidding you that’s actually the name) which is a brownish mauve pink.

I also did something slightly different today, and used a dark brown concealer from my Catrice Concealer Palette to contour my cheeks. I received this concealer palette from my friend Hanis for my birthday last year. I’ve used the salmon pink colour to colour up dark circles, and the lighter colour to pat around my under eyes, but the darkest brown shade has gone pretty much unused. I tried it today, and I’m not entirely sure whether I like it. On one hand it’s really subtle, and can be like an everyday contour shade unlike the crazy contouring I did for my last photoshoot. However, it can look a little ashy on my skin, it’s such a cool-toned brown. I’ll play around with it a little longer before I give a verdict.

DSCN3107 copy

Macro mode, so you can see my skin in its full glory. Urgh, this camera is so good it picks up all sorts of flaws you don’t usually see in the mirror. Disclaimer: I’ve photoshopped the worst of the blemishes away.

Makeup Used:

1) I used NYX Cashmere Jumbo Pencil, a creamy soft pale gold all over the lid as a base
2) I used UD Burnout, a rosy medium peach, on the inner lid of the eye
3) UD Trick, the rose gold colour in the palette, and applied it on the middle of the eye
4) I used UD Nooner, a matte mauve brown on the outer third of the eye
5) I used UD Factory, a medium-dark brown with reddist undertones, on the crease, bringing it to the inner corner of the and blended it out (so it was kinda like a cut crease, just blended out really well)
6) I used UD Strange, a white pink satin matte, on the inner third of the eye as well as the brow bone
7) I lined my upper lashline with L’Oreal SuperLiner Carbon Gloss
8) I used the Benefit They’re Real! mascara on the upper lashes
9) I used Soap & Glory Thick And Fast mascara 

1) I used the Laneige BB Cushion on my face
2) I used the darkest shade of the Catrice Concealer Palette and blended it along the hollows of my cheeks
3) I used MAC Warm Soul (a bronzy beige, keeping everything beautifully monochromatic) on the apples of my cheeks

1) I used the Soap & Glory Charm Offensive Sexy Mother Pucker lip gloss, a brownish pink with mauve undertones, blotted it to get a sheer rosy colour

I was playing around with Photoshop and added various effects.

DSCN3137 copy

Vintage effect. DSCN3113 copy copy

I’m still not entirely sure how to photoshop eyebags out, so just deal with it in this photograph. I added a rosy filter in this one to go along with the rosy theme.

Hopefully I’ll be able to keep practicing until I get good at filtering my photographs. At the moment I’m rather obsessed with rosy glowing vintage shots. Do you have a favourite filter?

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7 Responses to All Over Rose

  1. lqtang says:

    This reinforces how much I need Naked3! Also, v. excited about the lob/bob development since I’m about to join the #shorthairgirlsclub. :3

  2. Erika says:

    Ha, I could so totally relate to feeling shy about posing in public! It’s also so difficult to find a photographer friend that you can constantly bother to take your OOTD photos for free… 😆

    I am loving your hair, BTW! I wish I could pull off that color and cut. 😦

    • natziwang says:

      Aww, thank you! And yes, I notice most fashion bloggers have photographer boyfriends/husbands or are best friends with a photographer. I’m just not satisfied with taking photos in front of a mirror!

      How was Egypt for you? It looked like you had fun!

      • Erika says:

        Right? Unfortunately for me, my boyfriend and best friend can NOT shoot a photo artistically to save their lives! 😆

        I’m still in Egypt! I went on a cruise just last week and I can’t wait to post all about it. It’s been fun but I’m coming home to the Philippines soon. 🙂

      • natziwang says:

        Haha, I won’t say that, the photo of you on the camel was pretty well done.

        Will you be blogging about your trip? I’m hoping to see Egypt one day soon!

      • Erika says:

        Oh, that was taken by another friend of mine! Unfortunately she doesn’t live in the Philippines. 😆 Thanks, BTW!

        I will be! And you should, there’s so much to see here! 🙂

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