The Next Big Thing

DSCN3310 copy

Title taken from the eyeshadow palette I was using today, bareMinerals’ The Next Big Thing.

Today I decided to dress like some kind of cyber punk anime princess. I guess the makeup doesn’t really fit it, but the photos (see below) were edited with that theme in mind, hence the grungy high contrast filters.

It took me about a hundred selfies to pick out ones I liked. For some reason, I just couldn’t work the camera properly at first.

Makeup trick for today was to use two kinds of blushes for additional depth. I used both Benefit Coralista and MAC Warm Soul, concentrating Coralista on the applies of the cheeks, and Warm Soul just under that and swept that to the sides of the face. It’s not quite contouring, but it’s sort of like adding an extra dimension to the blush. 

DSCN3226 copy

Ignore the sweat drops on my face. As I said in my last post, this camera picks everything up. Just look at how awesome my eyelashes look in this photo, will you?

Makeup used:

1) I used MAC Groundwork, a matte taupe brown, as the base
2) I then applied bareMinerals Smash Hit, a beautiful matte peachy pink colour on the inner third of the eye (I used Groundwork as a base so that it wouldn’t look like I had pink eye)
3) I applied bareMinerals Hoopla, a warm copper on the rest of the eye
4) I used bareMinerals The Rising Star, a cool pale yellow on the inner third of the eye
5) I used MAC Blacktrack, a matte black eyeliner to line the upper lashline
6) I also used a brown eye pencil to line the lower lashline for a smoky effect
7) I used Maybelline Rocket Mascara on the upper and lower lashes

1) I used the Laneige BB Cushion all over the face
2) I then applied Benefit Coralista, a coral with gold shimmer, on the cheek
3) I applied MAC Warm Soul just under Coralista, bringing the colour closer to the sides of the face

1) I used Urban Decay Glinda SuperSaturated High Gloss Lip Colour for a rosy nude with brown undertones. The gloss in this lip pencil is like nothing else. 

DSCN3296 copy

This image was all about the cyber punk warrior princess thing. DSCN3315 copy

Trying for a wounded anime princess in this one. I really liked how my hair flipped to the side like that!

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