Cheongsam Inspired


I’m currently writing (or attempting to write and constantly procrastinating) writing a paper about clothing in India, and I’m just amazed at how Western clothing still hasn’t really made a dent in the market because women there continue to wear the sari or salwar kameez. Meanwhile, the Chinese cheongsam is something reserved only for special occasions. It’s a little sad I think, because the cheongsam is a gorgeous dress in its own right, and can be dressed up or down.

I’ve been trading clothes with a friend, and one of the pieces she’s given me is this black cheongsam with coloured patterns running through it. It’s really very beautiful, but I do wish it was full length. It’s currently this midi length on me and was probably made for much taller girls where it would end somewhere near the knee.

Free-shipping-2012-women-fashion-print-black-chinese-dress-cheongsam-dress-qipao New_fashion_for_vintage_Chinese_dress_8

 Today’s makeup was inspired by my looking through various photos of cheongsam wearing women (note: modern take on cheongsam as opposed to the pictures of Chinese pinup and cigarette girls). Their makeup is generally the same; thick eyeliner, really simple eyeshadow, contouring (as opposed to a blush), and red red lips.


Mistake for today: I should have used a lighter brown eyeshadow all over the lid. I used Urban Decay Snakebite, should have picked Suspect instead.

I used the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette for this look. I reach for it always whenever I’m doing a vintage look like this. It’s probably because it has the best shimmery shades (like UD Chopper and Half Baked) that are great for making the eye pop, and it has the darker shades for contouring too.

Also, I’m actually using OCC Psycho for my lips in this look! It’s been a while; for some reason I just kept gravitating towards the blue reds the last few times I used a red lipstick.


Makeup used:

1) I used MAC Bare Study (cream beige with gold pearl) on the lid with a ring finger
2) I used UD Snakebite (dark bronze with golden sheen) as an all over lid colour (like I said, mistake should have picked something lighter)
3) I packed on UD Half Baked (brown with gold shimmer) on the middle of my link,
4) I used UD Busted (deep reddish brown with golden tones) on the outer third of the eye to contour my eye
5) I used MAC Dazzlelight as a highlight colour all over the inner third of the eye
6) I used L’Oreal Super Liner Carbon Gloss Liquid Liner on the upper lashline
7) I also used Urban Decay Zero 24/7 Pencil (creamy black liner) on the lower lashline
8) I used the Maybelline Rocket Mascara on my upper and lower lashes

1) I used the Happy Skin SS Crème Foundation on the face
2) I contoured the cheeks with two matte eyeshadows, a mix of Urban Decay Beware, a matte caramel brown, and Laura Mercier Fresco, a matte lighter cool toned brown
3) I used MAC Soft and Gentle (champagne shimmer) on the cheekbones for a strong highlight

1) I used Jordona Lipliner in Sedona Red, a satiny neutral red on the lips
2) I then applied OCC Psycho, a creamy orange red colour on top

Do you have any sort of national costume/ethnic costume? Is there a specific makeup you wear with it? Share in the comments, I’d love to know!


See, I can smile.

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